Teresa Haley

Illinois NAACP President Goes Full-Racist Against Illegal Aliens, Apologizes… Then Pretends She Was Deep Faked

(Based Underground)—Go ahead, try to make this up. You can’t. Nobody can. It’s that ludicrous.

Chicago’s NAACP President Teresa Haley made comments that offended illegal aliens and their leftist sanctuary city enablers by calling them “savages, rapists, burglars.”

“But these immigrants come over here, they’ve been rapin’ people,” she said during a leaked Zoom call from October. “They’ve been breaking into homes. They’re like savages as well. They don’t speak the language, and they look at us like we’re crazy because we were the only people in America who were brought over here against our will, and were slaves.”

Seemingly sensing the discomfort over her accusations against illegal aliens, she attempted to justify her comments.

“I’m tryin’ not to be a ni**a but you know I’m pro-black, so, it’s all about us, people,” she said. “NAACP – what do those letters mean to you?”

The leaked comments didn’t sit well with radical leftist governor J.B. Pritzker who asked for Haley to apologize. She did, releasing a statement that tried to position herself as being “empathetic to the plight of all people.”

It should have ended there. She got emotional, remained focused on her job of helping to advanced members of her race, and then apologized to those she offended. Unfortunately for Haley, she tripped herself into a bald-faced lie by insinuating that maybe she didn’t really say the words that she said.

Maybe, just maybe, it was a DEEP FAKE generated by artificial intelligence, which she implied when confronted by local Chicago media [cue sinister organ music].

When we tried to get a comment from Haley earlier this week she told @ABC7Chicago by phone “with AI (artificial intelligence), anything is possible.”

Deep fake technology with artificial intelligence driving it is capable of make convincing facsimiles of people’s faces and voices. These deep fakes can then be used to make it appear someone does or says things they never really said.

To recap, Teresa Haley made offensive comments, apologized for them, then insinuated that it wasn’t her but a computer-generated version of her that actually made the comments in question. Somewhere along the line she got the order of her excuses and lies mixed up.

Haley has been suspended by the NAACP.