Opportunity Asylum

Illegal Aliens Seeking “Opportunity,” Not Asylum

Globalists like George Soros and their proxies in the cartels are failing to get the message out to the “migrants” they’re funneling across the border. More and more illegal aliens are openly acknowledging they’re coming to America illegally for “opportunity” rather than asylum.

This bodes ill for Americans because it means the very strict criteria to qualify for asylum are being dismissed. Opportunity is not an accepted reason for asylum under both international and American laws. But they’re still getting their hearings. They’re still being unleashed across the nation. They’re still not being deported as they rightly should be under the law.

As Bill Melugin reported, many illegal aliens aren’t even pretending to be persecuted in their homelands. Now, we know the illegal alien who said he loved Joe Biden was released by Border Patrol and has a court date:

This Moroccan man who told me he loves Joe Biden after he crossed illegally into Lukeville, AZ last week has been released by Border Patrol & is already in NYC w/ a court date in October 2024, @AliBradleyTV reports. He openly told us he came for opportunity, not asylum.

During the early days of the Biden-Harris regime, the vast majority of illegal aliens had memorized short scripts they were given by open border NGOs and the cartels. These scripts gave them the talking points to give them access to the asylum system. But as numbers increased and regulations loosened, the need to coach the illegal aliens diminished. Today, they’re not even trying to hide their true intentions.

Our national sovereignty is no longer being stolen. It’s being handed out like candy by a regime that wants to destroy the fabric of the United States of America.