Illegal Alien Land Grab

Illegal Alien Invasion: All the Big U.S. Land Grabs by China and Globalists May Be for Housing Illegals

(Natural News)—The nonsensical stance on illegal aliens by the Biden administration has struck again in the Lone Star State. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently announced that hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans, part of a recent surge in illegal immigration at the southern border, will be granted special protection and work permits.

Early this year, it was documented that an illegal alien colony was growing near the small town of Plum Grove in Liberty County just north of Houston. The resettlement zone, known as Colony Ridge, is now the main site for the DHS program. Roughly 472,000 Venezuelans are expected to receive work permits and protection from U.S. removal. This is in addition to the 242,700 aliens who have already received a temporary protection designation.

“Temporary protected status provides individuals already present in the United States with protection from removal when the conditions in their home country prevent their safe return,” said DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. According to Mayorkas, Biden’s special protection extends to individuals who arrived before July 31, 2023, and all who arrived after will be removed. But how accurately have they been able to keep track of this? What makes it so difficult to track these aliens, who also would not be here in the first place if there were tougher border protection policies, is that they are able to safely settle in areas like Colony Ridge.

As it turns out, it’s easier to buy a home as an illegal alien than as an American citizen. The border crossers circumvent the requirements a typical American citizen home purchaser must go through, such as showing healthy credit ratings and proof of income and buying homes with loans directly from developers.

Now, these homes are not the cream of the crop. According to Daily Wire’s Spencer Lindquist, “Many structures, some of which are not hooked up to running water, were under construction, while others were unfinished but didn’t appear to be actively getting worked on.” But nonetheless the lack of attention given to these properties makes it nearly impossible to track who is living there, and therefore they are susceptible to becoming strategic assets for drug cartels.

Total replacement of American citizen workers

For small Texas towns near Colony Ridge, this mass influx of specially protected illegal aliens is threatening their way of life. The mayor of Eagle Pass, a Texas town with just 28,000 residents, issued an emergency declaration after several thousand Biden-protected individuals migrated into their town. But the migration and the total replacement of American citizen workers does not stop in Texas. Roughly 60,000 similar individuals recently made their way as far north as New York. With the U.S. Border Patrol documenting 2.2 million illegal crossings at the southern border in the fiscal year 2022, it is safe to say that things are not going to change until the Biden administration is out of the White House.

As the evil Democrat machine in Washington D.C. literally imports illegal immigrants by the thousands daily, the mass media covers it all up, and the press secretaries practice “opposite day” every day, as they lie and say the borders are secure. The Democrats are hoping to legitimize all of these illegals by next November so they can all vote for free handouts and keep the communists in power inside the D.C. beltway. Bookmark to your favorite websites for truth news about the open borders and millions of illegal immigrants displacing and replacing U.S. citizens.

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