Illegal Alien Crushes Chlamydia Harris’s Claim About Closed Borders: “It’s Open Because We Enter; We Come in, Free, No Problem”

Ever since the Biden-Harris regime was installed into the White House, corporate media and their puppet-masters in the regime’s propaganda department have tried to gaslight Americans into believing the southern border is closed. Kamala Harris even doubled-down on that narrative this week, saying “the border is closed” as they pretend to try to slow the invasion that’s coming from down south.

The numbers tell a very different story. Our own eyes tell a very different story. Now, even the illegal aliens themselves are willing to tell a very different story because they know the feckless regime won’t do anything about it.

Out in front of her residence, Fox News interviewed an illegal alien. Watch:

“It’s open, not closed,” he said. “The border is open. Everybody believes the border is open. It’s open because we enter, we come in, free, no problem.”

Granted, it was an odd exchange, but the point is spot on.

Words are meaningless, especially from the Biden-Harris regime. The southern border is wide open and everyone knows it despite corporate media’s failed attempts at gaslighting.

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