Lizbeth Medina

Illegal Alien Arrested for Murder of 16-Year-Old Texas Cheerleader as Corporate Media Hides the Details

(America First Report)—An arrest has been made in the case of the murdered 16-year-old Texas cheerleader.

Rafael Govea Romero was arrested Sunday in Schulenburg, Texas. He is accused of murdering Lizbeth Medina whose body was discovered by her mother in the bathtub of their apartment. Multiple local and national news outlets have reported on the arrest, but they all left out an important piece of information: Romero is an illegal alien.

The press release dropped by the Edna Police Department clearly points this out, but after reviewing 14 corporate media reports, none of them mentioned this detail.

Medina was supposed to perform with her cheerleading squad at a Christmas parade in Edna on Tuesday but she never made it.

Here is the GoFundMe set up to help the family.

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Editor’s Note: We generally support local news as superior to corporate national news. They often offer more insight and less bias than CNN, Fox News, or national network outlets. But there’s still a very clear prescribed narrative even with local news that makes me hesitate to share many of their stories.

Local media may be less biased, but they still reinforce the propaganda and gaslighting. Whenever illegal aliens are involved in crimes, the information of their status is usually omitted. Whenever murderers use firearms, there is invariably an obligatory pitch for the need for gun control. Perhaps most infuriating is their unwillingness to use gender in many of their stories. I read a post this week about a crime committed by a “they” — by the end of the article I still had no idea if the suspect was a man or a woman.

There is an important role played by local media that cannot be met by conservative or independent news outlets. This is why we have to demand better. If you read or watch your local news outlets, call them out when they insert their biases into reports or when they echo the approved narratives. They should represent the news in a way the local audience needs. That means simply sticking with the truth.