If You Thought Michael Scott from ‘The Office’ Was Cringeworthy, You’ve Got to See These Clips From Democrat John Fetterman’s Nightmare Debate Performance . . .

By now, you’d have to live under a rock not to be aware of Pennsylvania Democrat Senate Candidate John Fetterman’s extreme mental challenges.

At this point, the pro-crime candidate is making Biden look like a savant.

Tuesday night, Fetterman faced off against Republican candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz in a debate that was more cringeworthy than a composite of Michael Scott’s greatest all-time hits from “The Office”.

Honestly, it’s hard to watch.

Opening the debate, the mentally-challenged Democrat greeted the audience by telling them “Goodnight”. Perhaps he meant to say “Good Evening” but who knows?

Here Fetterman is asked about a 2018 interview in which he stated that he does not support fracking, an energy source that’s not only important to the country but provides thousands of high-paying jobs to the workers of Pennsylvania. Warning: This is disturbing to watch:

Of course, the moderator doesn’t ask him to clarify, she just thanks him and goes on.

Fetterman answers out of both sides of his mouth, seeming to say that he now supports fracking but that he doesn’t support fracking . . . or something. Who knows?

There were many examples of Fetterman tossing garbled word salads, randomly throwing words together to make sentences completely incoherent:

Here, Fetterman attempts to pull the Class Warfare Card, one of the Democrat & Communist Party’s old faithful tools used to demonize opponents. Unfortunately, Fetterman can’t complete sentences without butchering the English language. Did you know there is something called a “willing wage” and something called a “signal mom”?

It’s understandable why the Democrats would put John Fetterman through this kind of humiliation and embarrassment. After all, they gave us a dementia patient as president. But what about his wife? Why would she put him through something like this? Here’s one theory:

Fetterman’s debate performance was such an unmitigated disaster that it’s almost pitiful:

It’s hard to fathom Fetterman is the best and brightest the Democrats can find in the entire State of Pennsylvania but as previously mentioned, they gave us Biden, and perhaps this is what they’re looking for, another puppet who can’t think for himself, someone who will carry the water for the globalists’ New World Order without resistance. But in order to be useful to the left, he still has to win and this is becoming more unlikely the more voters are exposed to him.

Here’s more gibberish. Perhaps we should label the Democrat Party the “Party of Gibberish”:

More total incoherence:

Here is John Fetterman attempting to explain why he’s allegedly a tax dodger. Does this make sense to you?

Here, while Dr. Oz is speaking, Fetterman randomly shouts “Doug Mastriano!” [GOP candidate for Pennsylvania governor]. It reminds me of when I attended my grandma’s funeral and my 94-year-old great-uncle stood up in the middle of all the crying and shouted, “Where’s my hat?!”

It’s nearly irresistible not to mock Fetterman’s debate performance, especially when considering the mental midget we have in the White House:

The vote on November 8th in Pennsylvania will be a test for the Democrats. Will they continue to be allowed to gaslight the country with these mental patients masquerading as politicians? Or will they be stopped from playing their modern-day version of the Emperor with No Clothes?