Collapse Society

If You Haven’t Already, It’s Time to Accept That the Left’s Ongoing Destruction of American Society Isn’t an Accident

(American Thinker)—In New York City, the bad guys have long understood an unwritten rule: you don’t hit a cop. In the past, doing so put you at the top of the NYPD’s to-do list and ensured that you would not be free on the streets for long. When 30,000 officers are tasked with securing a metropolis of nine million residents, the impenetrability of the “thin blue line” is a matter of life and death. When video emerged of a group of illegal aliens wrestling two cops to the ground near Times Square and beating them with fists and feet, that thin blue line got thinner. When news broke that the offenders were released without bail and that a left-wing “charity” had likely given them a free ride to California, the blue line all but disappeared.

By looking the other way as criminal invaders attack the people charged with protecting the city, NYC mayor Eric Adams and district attorney Alvin Bragg not only betray their duties to those who risk their lives every day for others’ safety, but also prove their complicity with those who wage war against citizens of the United States. Before he disappeared without a care in the world, one of the foreign nationals apprehended for the attack left Manhattan Criminal Court with two middle fingers extended into the air and a broad smile across his face. It was an “F you” to all Americans from a man who should never have been allowed to illegally enter the United States in the first place. At the same time, it sure felt as if Adams, Bragg, Biden, Mayorkas, and all the other open-borders advocates and politicians were really the ones flipping off desperate American citizens whose decades-long pleas for secure borders have been entirely ignored.

Ever since Obama’s presidency, Democrats have demonized police officers and lionized criminals. They lied about “hands up, don’t shoot”; maligned cops as Klan members with badges; and instigated race riots throughout the country. They excused criminal behavior, cut bail requirements, reduced felonies to misdemeanors, and celebrated unethical prosecutors who have used their powers to lock up police officers for spurious charges while treating violent crime as some kind of race-based civil right.

Barack Obama and Eric Holder (the corrupt attorney general who regularly abused the law to protect friends and target political enemies) set the country down a dangerous path, where criminal gangs are psychologically empowered to target law enforcement officers for assassination and municipal politicians are so desperate to prove their soft-on-crime bona fides that they release violent criminals from jail in order to make room for unjustly indicted cops. The end result has been that police officers are retiring in droves and refraining from any proactive policing that might put them in the crosshairs of one of George Soros’s cop-hating district attorneys. Just as the “woke” U.S. military is struggling to recruit warriors willing to take commands from deranged men in skirts who would rather fight “climate change” and “white supremacy,” municipal police forces are struggling to refill their ranks with good cops willing to protect and serve their communities, when two-bit, backstabbing politicians endanger their lives and threaten to send them to prison.

Democrats’ attacks on police officers and coddling of criminals are part and parcel of their larger war against the American people. In this day and age — when the Marxist destroyers have risen to the heights of institutional and financial power — they barely disguise their hatred for the United States or their contempt for regular Americans. Every insane policy initiative — such as the choice to provide illegal aliens with thousands of dollars of free stuff each month and a get-out-of-jail-free card for sucker-punching cops — can be understood if seen through the lens of a simple question: does the policy damage American society? If so, then Democrat politicians, Uniparty co-conspirators in the swamp, and the Marxist globalists who seek money and power from America’s demise are all on board. It’s why the Department of Homeland (in)Security specializes in aiding and abetting terrorism-linked cartels, human-traffickers, and drug-smugglers in their criminal enterprises across our borders. It’s why corrupt D.C. politicians send working Americans’ tax dollars to un-American international institutions such as the United Nations that use those dollars to fund the manufactured migration of tens of millions of foreigners from all over the world into the United States. In effect, the federal government steals from the incomes of struggling Americans so that it can pay for violent criminals (and foreign soldiers and murderous terrorists) to break our laws, victimize American communities, and gang-stomp police officers. The sick SOBs actually make Americans pay for the foreign invasion from which they suffer.

Forget “two-tiered justice.” This is just plain old evil disguised as politics. Only in a nation under attack from demonic forces would J6 political hostages be imprisoned for exercising their First Amendment rights at the U.S. Capitol when a congressional staffer can make gay porn videos in a Senate hearing room without any risk of ever being charged for a crime. Only in a nation suffering from the widespread proliferation of evil would the Department of (in)Justice seek decades-long prison sentences for peacefully protesting Americans who dare to speak out against abortion, while federal agents routinely look the other way as “unknown assailants” vandalize and firebomb the buildings of Christian churches, pro-life organizations, and politically conservative groups. Only in a nation whose government chooses to embrace evil and reject godliness could a Christian veteran be charged for the “hate crime” of destroying a demonic shrine celebrating Satan. When adherence to moral conscience is criminalized and the protection of flagrant sin becomes government’s chief concern, there can be no doubt that evil has risen from the shadows and seized control of the State. When Christians are punished for their convictions and Satan has more friends in political office, it is clear that America’s institutions are rotting from the inside.

Once that decay begins, it is difficult to save the host without first severing the cancer from the body. It is why government-engineered injustices now occur with almost daily regularity. Consider a few of the startling news stories of just the last few weeks. A group of international scientists is calling for a global moratorium on COVID “vaccines” because a peer-reviewed study concludes, “For every life saved, there were nearly 14 times more deaths caused by the modified mRNA injections.” Meanwhile, there is now documentary evidence that the CDC intentionally covered up risks from the experimental, yet largely mandated, treatments — particularly the risk of myocarditis. Switching to the growing evidence of 2020 election fraud, unearthed documents confirm that the FBI and Michigan authorities were notified of “alarming” witness accounts attesting to “ballot fraud in Detroit.” How was that situation resolved? The FBI buried its head in the sand, and Michigan’s Attorney General Dana Nessel charged sixteen Republican alternate electors with felony fraud crimes. Not wanting Michigan’s rampant election-rigging and political persecution to get all the glory, PBS (the Marxist news organization that Americans are forced to support with taxes) confirmed that Congress’s partisan January 6 Committee was never anything more than shameless political theater meant to tilt the 2022 midterms toward the Democrat party. Finally, in international news, even though the Biden administration has been forced to temper its support for a U.N. agency implicated in the October 7 attack on Israel, nobody is surprised that the U.N.’s terrorists have still been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Lies beget evil, and evil begets more lies. One thing is certain: Hell must be empty, because all the devils are ruling right here