If 'Vaccines' Work, Why Is the CDC Reinstating Face Mask Guidelines_

If ‘Vaccines’ Work, Why Is the CDC Reinstating Face Mask Guidelines?

A majority of Americans have taken at least one of the Covid-19 injections that, as so-called “vaccines,” are supposed to protect the population from the disease. Yet we’re seeing spikes in cases again, particularly the Delta Variant, and the CDC has reinstated their face mask guidelines. According to The Post Millennial:

The CDC is expected to announce a reversal in their masking recommendations on Tuesday, instructing even vaccinated Americans to once again wear masks indoors, as the Delta variant continues to make its way through parts of the US.

The agency recommended just two months ago that those who had received two doses of vaccine would no longer require masks in indoor settings. The recommendation was a polarizing one, applauded by some experts for being sensible, with others criticize the move for being premature.

Dr. Celine Gounder of Bellevue Hospital in New York told The New York Times that the move was a welcome one, due to recent discoveries of the Delta variants ability to infect despite vaccinations.

The CDC said as recently as two weeks ago that they had no intentions of changing their guidelines, barring new scientific discovery.

Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki the question that millions of Americans want answered. “Why do vaccinated people need to put the masks back on?”

Even if we disregard the science that shows long-term wearing of face masks does physical and psychological damage despite its questionable efficacy against a coronavirus that is 1/1000th the size necessary for most masks to block them, we cannot let them get around the vaccination question. Is there a magic number? 70% vaccinated? 90%? 100%?

With so many breakthrough cases making the news and a vast majority of them that get no attention at all, this move seems to indicate the CDC quietly does not believe in the effectiveness of these “vaccines.” Nor should they, and perhaps they never did.

The spinning narratives from the White House and others have the American people unsure about how to react to anything they say or do. And maybe that’s the point. Someone is laughing at us all from behind the veil.