Mike Pence

If Rumors Are True About Mike Pence and 2020, He Should Be in Jail Instead of Running for President

Former Vice President Mike Pence is officially running for the Republican nomination. This has been anticipated for months. If rumors about Pence are true, then some people have been anticipating it since before Kamala Harris was installed into his former office.

Diehard Trump-supporter Rogan O’Handley dropped some bombshell allegations. These echo what I’ve been saying since 2021. In fact, my podcast was banned on Spotify for making these exact claims, so I’m inclined to believe them. Here’s what O’Handley posted [edited for format only]:

Now that Mike Pence has entered the race, let me tell y’all some inside info:

In the days leading up to J6, I was informed by trusted sources that Pence wasn’t going to contest the rigged electoral college results. I couldn’t believe it. How could he backstab 74 million people & allow fraud to overthrow our executive branch?

But then I was told why…

He cut a deal with the Koch fundraising network to be their lead horse in 2024 if he backstabbed Trump and the MAGA movement in 2020.

To those that say he didn’t have the power to contest fraudulent ballots and allow state legislatures to conduct further review, then why did they change the Electoral College Act in 2022 to explicitly state the VP could no longer facilitate that exact process?

Because Pence could and he knew it, but he took the blood money anyway. We are not in this situation because of President Trump. We are here b/c powerful forces worked to “fortify” the 2020 election and coward RINOs like Mike Pence partnered with them. Let’s show Judas what we think of his backstabbing in the ballot box.

Again, I heard the same rumors around the same time. Whether we were talking to the same people is unclear, but even without corroboration it makes total sense why this would be true. Pence had all the constitutional cards to let contested states sort it out for themselves. He had the incentive to do so, but apparently he had greater incentive to block the process and allow massive, widespread voter fraud to win out.

The 2020 election could not have been stolen without Mike Pence’s assistance. This is why it’s a safe bet that he was part of the plan from the beginning. In fact, one can argue they wouldn’t have gone through with it if he wasn’t playing ball.

All of this is criminal at the highest levels. If it can be proven, then Mike Pence should be prosecuted as a traitor to his nation.

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