. . . Will the “FedCoin” Make Gold and Silver Obsolete?

Two things are certain if the powers-that-be are able to make their dream of a FedCoin come true. First, fiat paper currency will become obsolete, as will the way banking is done currently. Second, physical goods such as food, ammunition, medicines, and precious metals will be even more important than they are today, especially for those who do not want to fully embrace the coming Central Bank Digital Currency system.

The first thing some will say when I make statements like that is, “You can’t eat gold coins.” This is true. They weren’t eating gold coins during the dawn of humanity in the Book of Genesis, but gold held value then. Precious metals have held value throughout human history. If the powers-that-be thought they couldn’t trade in gold or silver once Central Bank Digital Currencies roll out, they wouldn’t be buying up as much of it as they can with record purchases in 2022 and a pace to eclipse those records this year.

Does that mean gold and silver are “safe” investments? As someone who has studied economics for decades, I can say the most ludicrous word to use in any investment discussion is “safe.” None of your investments are safe enough to be worry-free. The price of gold could drop to 2015 levels tomorrow. It probably won’t since gold value has nearly doubled in just under seven years, but anyone claiming that’s impossible is full of it.

Let’s be crystal clear about one thing: precious metals prices are manipulated and controlled. They have been manipulated and controlled for a very long time and that’s not going to change anytime soon. The powers-that-be move precious metals prices up or down to suit their political needs.

Some have asked me, “Why buy gold and silver if they’re just going to keep the prices down when they roll out the Digital Dollar?”

My reply is, “Why buy gold or silver today or last year or last decade because they were keeping the prices down then as well?”

But here’s the thing. With every central bank and most nations gobbling up as much gold and silver as they possibly can in recent months, we have a very good clue that they’re not going to devalue them much if at all when Central Bank Digital Currencies are ubiquitous. That is NOT a guarantee; there is no way to know what’s going to happen with prices and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. But sentiment among most economists is bullish right now for gold and silver.

The Liberty Daily recommends two gold companies. We benefit when you buy from them, but unlike the vast majority of sponsors out there who have courted us over the years, we selected these two because they actually do business right. The industry is rife with snakes and conmen, but these two companies actually treat our readers honestly.

The first is small and allows you to work directly with the owner, Ira Bershatsky. Our Gold Guy for those who want to buy bullion, whether discreetly delivered to your door or used to back your retirement accounts. He helps people with as little as $2500 to invest and regularly handles retirement account rollovers in the hundreds of thousands.

The other company is Genesis. They are larger and specialize in self-directed IRAs backed by rare coins that have an opportunity for appreciation. There are many of the aforementioned “snakes” who try to do what Genesis does; you can spot them by their offers of thousands of dollars of “free” silver. Genesis doesn’t jack up prices so they can make the “free” claim. They just do business the right way.

The current trajectory of society is to force new economic norms. It all comes down to control, wealth redistribution, and quashing opposing views. My best advice, while not being a financial advisor, is to do what I mentioned in the beginning. Stock up on food, ammunition, medicines, and precious metals.