The IDF Is Making Major Progress in Gaza, and That Makes Intervention by Hezbollah Much More Likely

(End of the American Dream)—If Hamas had been able to hold off the IDF, the entire Islamic world would have greatly rejoiced and Hezbollah would have no need to escalate the war to the next level.  But instead, the opposite is happening.  The IDF has successfully surrounded Gaza City, the perimeter is being tightened with each passing day, and the tunnels that Hamas is hiding in are being systematically destroyed.  On top of everything else, the bunker of the top military commander of Hamas has been “isolated”, and we are being told that he will soon be dead.  All of this is going to create tremendous pressure on Hezbollah, because radical Muslims all over the globe are calling for the terror group to intervene before Hamas is completely wiped out.  Of course there has already been fighting day after day along the northern front.  In fact, video footage of a massive explosion that just happened in southern Lebanon is being widely shared on social media.

I believe that the leaders of Hezbollah are scared of the U.S. aircraft carriers that are sitting in the Mediterranean.

And I also believe that the leaders of Hezbollah are deeply concerned about how Israel will respond if this becomes an all-out war. But if Hezbollah just sits there and watches Hamas get wiped out, it will completely lose legitimacy with radical Muslims all over the world.

So watch for a major intervention from Hezbollah soon, because Hamas is in huge trouble.

On Tuesday, it was being reported that IDF forces were active “deep inside” Gaza City…

Israel said Tuesday that its ground forces were battling Hamas fighters deep inside Gaza’s largest city, signaling a major new stage in the month-old conflict, and its leaders foresee controlling the enclave’s security after the war.

The push into Gaza City guarantees that the already staggering death toll will rise further, while comments from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about controlling Gaza’s security for “an indefinite period” pointed to the uncertain endgame of a war that Israel says will be long and difficult.

It is important to remember that the IDF is not just fighting Hamas.

There are eight different terror organizations operating inside Gaza, but Hamas is definitely the largest.

The military leader of Hamas is a man named Yahya Sinwar, and we are being told that he has now been “isolated” by the IDF in his bunker…

Hamas’s Gaza leader Yahya Sinwar has been ‘isolated’ in his bunker, Israel’s defence minister said tonight, as he confirmed IDF troops are in the heart of the terrorist group’s ‘stronghold’, Gaza City.

War cabinet minister Yoav Gallant said in a televised statement that the Hamas leader, who has been compared to Al Qaeda’s late leader Osama Bin Laden, ‘is hiding in his bunker and is without contact with his associates,’ but did not disclose where Sinwar’s bunker is located.

Killing him would be a really, really big deal. In fact, the Israelis are actually comparing him to Osama Bin Laden

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described Sinwar, 61, as acting like a “little Hitler in a bunker,” as he was suspected of hiding in a Hamas control centre beneath a Gaza Strip hospital.

And Israel Defence Forces spokesman Lt Col Richard Hecht compared him to al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden for his role in the Hamas atrocities.

Lt Col Hecht said: “Yahya Sinwar is the face of evil. He is the mastermind behind this, like Bin Laden was [with the 9/11 US attacks].”

But Yahya Sinwar is not the real leader of Hamas.

The real leaders of Hamas have been living lives of luxury in Qatar and Turkey while their people have been living in complete and utter poverty…

The leaders of the Palestinian terrorist group known as Hamas have become multi-billionaires over the past two decades, as they launch wars in Gaza from a safe distance in Qatar and Turkey, and condemn their own people to poverty and misery.

According to the Israeli embassy to the U.S., the leaders of Hamas — an acronym for Islamic Resistance Movement — “line their pockets” with money while Gazans depend on international assistance, and must suffer Hamas’s period wars against Israel.

These creeps are not just millionaires.

Over the years, they have stolen so much money from their own people that some of them have actually become billionaires.  Just check out these numbers

Hamas leaders net worth:
Abu Marzuk $3 billion
Khaled Mashal $4 billion
Ismail Haniyeh $4 billion

Haniyeh is apparently the wealthiest of them all.

His private jet takes him from one luxury hotel to another, and his sons are not exactly “good Muslims”

A 61-year-old father of 13 children, Haniyeh has been in hiding since 2019, living the high-life in luxury hotels in Qatar and Turkey.

German tabloid Bild reports that he often jets between Tehran, Istanbul, Moscow and Cairo in his private jet to meet leaders in friendly nations, and two of his sons Maaz and Abdel Salam are often seen in Instagram posts lounging on hotel beds in Istanbul or Doha.

Maaz, who is a very wealthy real estate mogul in his own right, is known on the Gaza Strip as the ‘father of houses’. When he’s in Turkey, he is often seen in the company of attractive women and alcohol, despite his Islamic faith.

His brother Abdel Salam, meanwhile, was disgraced after being found to be siphoning off money in his role as sports ambassador for Hamas’s ‘Shura Council’ (Politburo), Bild says.

If these creeps really believe what they are preaching, why aren’t they in Gaza leading the fight against the IDF? And why aren’t their sons in Gaza?

Ultimately, the truth is that they are all a bunch of frauds.

They have used the suffering of their own people to get filthy rich, and now they hide as others do the fighting. Such people should make all of us sick.

In my brand new book entitled “Chaos” I discuss the three wars of the apocalypse, and thanks to the cowardly leaders of Hamas one of those wars has now begun.

The good news is that Hezbollah has been relatively quiet so far. But the worse that things get for Hamas, the more likely it will be that Hezbollah will feel forced to intervene more directly. And once Hezbollah starts firing thousands of missiles into Israel, all hell will start breaking loose.

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