Grilled Steak

I Hope You Don’t Like Steak Because the Climate Cultists Have Started the Process of Taking Over the Beef Industry

Not content to take away our gardens, our gasoline cars, our energy independence, or just affordable living in general, climate cultists also want to take away our beef. Red meat has been on the list of things we apparently need to sacrifice to save the planet for some time, but it looks like the cultists are getting serious about it, now.

According to Representative (R-KY) Thomas Massie:

🚨 Hidden in this week’s Omnibus:

Lobbyists got $15 million dollars to implement ELECTRONIC TRACKING of all cattle in the U.S.

No law authorizes this!

It will be used by the GREEN agenda to limit beef production, and by the corporate meat oligopoly to DOMINATE small ranchers.

I swear, the cultists seem to specifically target the things I love in this world. If I were to announce that I love kale shakes, the next day I’d probably see an announcement that leafy green vegetables are actually fueling climate change and that we need to swap to algae-based alternatives as soon as possible.