Hunter Biden’s Attorney Caught Threatening Conservative Watchdog: “You’re Going to Enjoy Being a Buttboy for 20 Years Dude. Lube Up.”

Just when we thought Hunter Biden’s laptop situation couldn’t get any weirder, Hollywood entertainment lawyer Kevin Morris took it up a couple of notches with threats sent to a conservative watchdog group.

According to Daily Mail:

  • In texts obtained by, Hollywood entertainment lawyer Kevin Morris sent ‘threatening’ messages to a member of right wing group Marco Polo
  • The member posed as an ally and texted Morris for information regarding Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop 
  • When Morris learned the trickster was from Marco Polo, he called the member a ‘f***ing moron,’ said ‘I’m going to take all your money’ and ‘I know where you live’
  • Another text said, ‘You’re going to enjoy being a buttboy for 20 years dude. Lube up’ and ‘I’m coming to get you’
  • Morris is currently the subject of an ethics complaint that claims he infiltrated the set of movie My Son Hunter under false pretenses to spy on filmmakers

Situations like these makes one wonder: Do depraved men gravitate toward each other naturally or does one draw the other to him? Hunter Biden is a broken man, but Kevin Morris may be even less functional in civilized society.