Huh_ Glenn Youngkin, Who Won With Anti-CRT Support, Just Tapped an Education Secretary With CRT and Common Core Ties

Huh? Glenn Youngkin, Who Won With Anti-CRT Support, Just Tapped an Education Secretary With CRT and Common Core Ties

Voters have been increasingly disappointed in betrayals from politicians they have supported. For example, I was blindsided yesterday by Senator Ted Cruz talking about January 6 as if he was a radical leftist Democrat propagandist.

Usually, politicians wait until they’re in office and have some months or even years under their belts before they break their promises and go against their supporters. Inbound Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin didn’t wait to take the oath before betraying the base that got elected, namely parents who want Critical Race Theory abolished from their schools. He tapped Aimee Rogstad Guidera to be his Education Secretary. She’s not what the parents who voted for Youngkin had in mind.

According to Joy Pullman at The Federalist:

Guidera was the founder and longtime chief executive of the Data Quality Campaign (DQC). She ran the organization from 2005 until May 2018, when she left to pursue private consulting. Founding DQC is the biggest and most visible education-related job on Guidera’s resume.

Yet DQC is deeply tied to the political swamp on almost every education issue possible, including the Common Core debacle and racist critical theory. These are not just associational ties, but also major financial ties.

Despite repeated inquiries, Youngkin communications staff declined to answer specific questions for this article and instead directed The Federalist to a quote published in a Daily Wire article three weeks ago about other potential conflicts of interest between Youngkin’s education secretary and his stated education policies.

Cato Institute Education Analyst Neal McCluskey said, “The only kind of disconnect is, I don’t see anything in her past that indicates that she has a a lot of history of trying to remove things that people don’t like in the curriculum because they’re at odds with their values, or they’re at odds with how history should be taught.”

The only thing worse than a Democrat is a Republican who makes leftist moves. At least with Democrats we can see the leftism coming. Republicans are supposed to act more conservative than what Glenn Youngkin is demonstrating.