Huh? Benedict Biden Says “Our Economy Is Strong as Hell” While Eating Ice Cream

Joe Biden has dementia, doesn’t understand economics, and loves ice cream. Those are the takeaways from his ludicrous answer to a question from a reporter about whether he’s concerned about the U.S. dollar.

“I’m not concerned about the strengths of the dollar,” he said. “I’m concerned about the rest of the rest of the world. Does that make sense?”

Actually, it does make sense for a globalist pawn to say he cares more about the rest of the world than the country he’s supposedly leading, but that’s not what he mean. He elaborated, and while he sounded more lucid than usual, the words themselves were ludicrous.

“Our economy is strong as hell, the internals,” he said. “Inflation is worldwide, worse off everywhere else than it is in the United States. So the problem is lack of economic growth and sound policy in other countries, not so much ours.”


Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, who has been a sharp critic of Biden’s economy since launching her campaign, blamed it on the ice cream.

Kari Lake: Poor guy got a brain freeze.

Oh, if only it were just brain freeze.

As long as the Biden-Harris regime refuses to acknowledge there are problems they should deal with other than climate change and arming Ukraine, we’ll continue to hear from them about how strong the economy is. It’s not okay.