Dr. Abdullah Alabdulgader

Huge: World Eminent Cardiologist Abdullah Alabdulgader Calls for Suspension of mRNA Jabs

It seems more doctors are coming out against the jabs every day. But Dr. Abdullah Alabdulgader isn’t just any doctor. As Dr. Aseem Malhotra noted, this guy is a big deal.

Dr. Alabdulgader is a senior congenital cardiologist/electrophysiologist who has obtained multiple board certifications and memberships from prestigious medical schools and universities in record time (1991-1995). He established a major cardiac hospital funded by his Saudi Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz.

He also established the first registry of congenital heart diseases in the Middle East which was followed by a nationwide registry and was credited for being the first to described a new congenital anomaly of the heart in 2005. He established a series of international conferences (King of Organs) for advanced cardiac sciences in 2006 which is the first medical conference that explores topics related to the information processing and energetic role of the heart.

And now, he’s calling for the Covid-19 “vaccines” to be stopped: