Lonestar Tick

How the World Economic Forum Is Weaponizing the Food Supply, Particularly Beef

(Late Prepper)—Anyone who mentions “mRNA jabs” is instantly labeled a crazy conspiracy theorist anti-vaxxer. At least that’s what was happening until very recently. Slowly but surely, eyes are opening. Blinders are coming off. More and more people are realizing that “crazy” people like Alex Jones (and me, for that matter) were right all along.

Yes, the World Economic Forum is engaged in a depopulation and control agenda and yes, they are trying to control and depopulate us through the food supply. What was once considered to be unhinged speculation has become widely reported fact, as Jones notes in this video. Even corporate media outlets like USA Today are reporting about attacks on the food supply with beef being one of the primary targets.

It’s no secret that I own a survival beef company and therefore it behooves me to talk about this stuff, but it’s also true that I’d be talking about it even I didn’t own a company that’s fighting the globalists. I talk about the dangers of the Covid jabs and I don’t have any financial interest in the pharmaceutical industry. The attacks on our food supply are truly existential threats to Americans which is why I discuss it.

Of particular interest is the “Lonestar Tick.” It creates an autoimmune response, but even more importantly it establishes the allergy that reacts to certain proteins. Yes, that means beef. But I would argue that the tick is just an excuse to cover for the proteins in many “vaccines” that are already in the systems of millions of Americans to some extent.

Everything we’re seeing in media today is geared towards extending the suspension of disbelief. They know that Americans and citizens across the globe have become extremely skeptical of the vaccine narrative; less than 4% of the population took the heavily pushed “updated” Covid jabs. The powers-that-be realize their propaganda and gaslighting are losing effect so they’re preparing excuses for when the fruits of their plans start to become more evident.

We’re in the middle of the manufacturing of a food crisis that they want us to believe can only be solved through the actions of government and the growing public-private partnerships. Those who are not fully prepared will be swiftly swept into compliance and dependence. Even many who do prepare will find their actions insufficient. That’s why it’s so important to become as self-reliant as possible.

I’m not anti-government. I’m anti-control. Unfortunately, control seems to be the primary role of modern governments which is why my philosophies have aligned more and more in recent years with those who adamantly oppose government.

In Jones’ video, he lays out how the same proteins transmitted by the Lonestar Tick are present in many vaccines. I would speculate that the coming launch of another Plandemic, whether it’s a new variant of Covid or something completely different, will spark increased uptake of a new “vaccine.” This new jab will include the very chemicals that are making people acquire allergies to red meat.

Again, it’s speculation but it should be eye-opening. Today, all we really have are these theories, but far too many of them have been proven to be true in recent years. We should not dismiss them outright. Instead, we should continue to be diligent, expanding on our skepticism and questioning everything. One does not have to be a tinfoil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorist to appreciate that there really are conspiracies designed to bring us further and further under the control of the Globalist Elite Cabal.

Rather than fearmongering, I simply want to convey the message that now is the time to get ready. There are a few ways to do this. First and foremost, pray. If that’s all you can do, it’s enough. Second, become more aware of what you’re eating. Source whatever you can and avoid foods that you can’t source. But just knowing where your food is coming from is the first step. You also have to do a little research to make sure the places you’re getting your food are not sneaking in any bad stuff.

I’m not a doctor and cannot give medical advice, but I personally avoid getting any shots or taking any medications. There are life-saving medications that many have to take and by no means am I suggesting that anyone stop taking those. But for me, I allow the bare minimum number of products from Big Pharma to ever enter my body. A headache has to be horrible before I’ll take a single Motrin.

Stock up now. The chances of items costing less in the future than they do today are extremely slim. It’s not just food. Make sure you have enough water to survive for a while if the taps run dry. Stock up on enough ammunition to protect yourself, your family, and your property. If the meds you need can be stored long-term, fill your shelves. And make sure you have an extra Bible or two handy in case it gets taken.

Some, like Jones, have been warning people for decades. I’m new to the conspiracy theory world and the prepper lifestyle, but I’m doing everything I can to make up for lost time. I encourage others to do the same. Now is not the time to assume everything in this life will just work itself out. In order to fight the good fight, you have to be able to sustain yourself without assistance from a government that hates you.

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