. . . 3 Ways to Beat the Globalist ESG-CEI Plague That’s Spreading Across Our Nation

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Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) policies promoted by globalists like the World Economic Forum and BlackRock have been spreading since before it was given an official name. Now, it’s the last step in their endgame of having nearly complete control over Big Business in America and across the globe.

They’re using the Corporate Equality Index (CEI) as an LGBTQIA+ supremacy tool to take companies’ wokeness to the next level. If you ever wondered why so many businesses have been making the idiotic move of pandering to the trans-dominance cult, it’s not because they’re blind. It’s because they’re being convinced they can get benefits on the backend by defacing themselves on the frontend.

According to Dana Kennedy at the NY Post:

The CEI is a lesser-known part of the burgeoning ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) “ethical investing” movement increasingly pushed by the country’s top three investment firms. ESG funds invest in companies that oppose fossil fuels, push for unionization, and stress racial and gender equity over merit in hiring and board selection.

As a result, some American CEOs are more concerned about pleasing BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street Bank — who are among the top shareholders of most American publicly-traded corporations (including Nike, Anheuser-Busch and Kate Spade) — than they are about irritating conservatives, numerous sources told The Post.

Add Climate Change Hysteria to the mix and it’s clear that many if not most big businesses in America (and an unfortunately growing number of small businesses) are leaning away from what’s best for their company in hopes that they’ll recover with preferential treatment from the globalists and their woke warriors on the streets.

This is a much bigger threat in the long-term than most realize. The powers-that-be are in the process of normalizing ESG policies as the driving force behind business. We need to make these companies aware that if they continuing going woke, there will be consequences. Here are three ways to do this…

Keep Boycotting

Conservative and lucid apolitical Americans have had enough with businesses shoving virtue signaling propaganda in our faces. We’re sick of seeing companies abandon the sound business practice of avoiding politics, culture, and religion. As more and more businesses dive headlong into the various cultural battles happening in America, they must be shown the error of their ways.

Thankfully, we’ve seen patriots standing up and voting against “woke” businesses with their pocketbooks. Companies like Anheuser-Busch, Target, and Kohl’s are learning that they aren’t benefiting themselves or anyone else by promoting grooming or advancing the LGBTQIA+ supremacy agenda. This trend needs to continue.

That means doing two things. First, stop buying from companies that shove wokeness in your face. Stop doing business with corporations that aggressively contribute to the hate groups of the culture war the way the Los Angeles Dodgers did with the Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence, an anti-faith organization.

Second, spread the word. If there’s one thing the left has been able to do better than the right for decades, it’s in mobilizing against their enemies. One can argue that as collectivists they are inherently more attuned. As individualists, the political right tends to do our own thing. But in many cases we are stronger together and this is one of those scenarios.

“I won’t do business with ‘woke’ companies,” said Ira Bershatsky, managing partner at Our Gold Guy. “This is one of the reasons I left ‘Big Gold’ to start a precious metals company that is as ‘America First’ as possible.”

But Bershatsky’s actions are not just relegated to how he does business. He’s an activist as well.

“We organized locally against the lockdowns and mandates,” he said. “Now, we are mobilizing locally against the globalist plague facing our country.”

Bershatsky’s perspective is a perfect segue to the second way we can fight the ESG-CEI monster.

Localize With Patriotic Small Businesses

“Patriotism” has different meanings to different people. My own definition has broadened to include those who might not wear a red, white, and blue shirt except on Independence Day, but they demonstrate their love for our nation with their actions. How companies do business says a lot about whether they are beholden to ESG-CEI considerations or not.

While the globalists are occasionally working on “wokifying” small local businesses, their primary strategy to deal with them is to help the corporations under their thumb to force small businesses to close. It’s easier for the globalists to expand Target, for example, instead of trying to convince local businesses they need to fly a rainbow flag at their store.

It is imperative that we not only boycott companies that hate us, but also that we support companies that appreciate us. And while patriots should love supporting unambiguously America First companies like MyPillow, we should be okay with companies that just stay neutral. It’s the woke companies we need to attack. If a business owner wants to stay apolitical and just focus on running their company, great.

One of the keys to making all this happen is to work as locally as possible. Many of us grew up with the notion that we should support local businesses, but the allure of the Amazons, Best Buys, and Walmarts of the world changed that for some. If you’ve found yourself not shopping at local businesses, consider changing. If you’re already shopping locally, kudos!

This doesn’t just apply to consumers. Business owners themselves should strive to do business locally whenever the occasion arises.

“We are a nationwide company but we work with as many local small businesses as possible as vendors for our company,” said Jonathan Rose, co-founder of Genesis Gold Group. “Our first offices were in the same building as a local gold wholesaler that we trusted.”

There are numerous other benefits to shopping locally. If things go really south in the future, it would behoove you to have a friendly relationship with the small companies around you.

Move Your Investments Away From Wokeness

With the Biden-Harris regime incentivizing financial advisors and money management firms to invest heavily in ESG funds, most Americans are contributing to the “Woke Mind Virus” whether they like it or not. The reason these advisors need incentives is because they know they won’t make as much money for their clients by embracing ESG. They need to be thrown a bone to work against their own clients’ best interests, which is what ESG investing does.

This is why many Americans are moving their wealth and retirement to physical precious metals. With ESG-CEI considerations combined with the recent debt ceiling deal, the “smart money” is in gold and silver now more than ever.

“You can’t know what any of the businesses you’re invested in will do today, tomorrow, or next week, but you can know with a certainty that physical precious metals aren’t going to groom kids or put up a wind farm,” Bershatsky said. “I’m not woke and neither are the metals I sell.”

Americans are waking up in droves to this reality about physical precious metals and the ESG-CEI plague.

“Precious metals are the financial safe haven Americans need in tumultuous times,” Rose said. “Right now, the economy is in a state of massive flux and ESG is at the top of the list of concerns.”

Bershatsky at Our Gold Guy can help you acquire physical gold or silver bullion, whether you want it shipped discreetly to your door or if you want it to back your retirement accounts. Rose at Genesis Gold Group specializes in transfers and rollovers into self-directed IRAs backed by physical precious metals. In both cases, you’re moving investments away from ESG-dominated markets and into “woke-free” physical gold and silver.

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