How Many Washington State Teachers Should Be Arrested for Violating This Law?

It’s no secret that our public education system, including preschool all the way up through college, is rife with total wokeness. Schools have become indoctrination centers for anti-American ideologies like Neo-Marxism, Critical Race Theory, and LGBTQIA+ Supremacy.

In at least one state, this is illegal, though you wouldn’t know that by visiting a public school. Democrat-dominated Washington state has a law on the books in their Revised Code of Washington State that would compel teachers to instruct on ideas such as patriotism. Instead, the exact opposite is true because nobody is enforcing the law.

It’s old. Originally written in the 19th century and most recently revised in the 1960s, RCW 28A.405.030 is not being enforced. Instead, our children are being taught false premises, fake history, and anything other than the education they’re supposed to be getting. Here’s how the law reads:

Must teach morality and patriotism.

It shall be the duty of all teachers to endeavor to impress on the minds of their pupils the principles of morality, truth, justice, temperance, humanity and patriotism; to teach them to avoid idleness, profanity and falsehood; to instruct them in the principles of free government, and to train them up to the true comprehension of the rights, duty and dignity of American citizenship.

This isn’t a law without teeth. There are two possible repercussions for those who do not teach the principles listed in the law. Teachers can be fired. They and administrators familiar with their activities can even be arrested and charged with a misdemeanor. This isn’t happening, of course, since the schools haven’t been drained of 90%+ of their teachers, administrators, or school board members.

It’s obviously a challenging law to enforce because it’s subjective whether someone is teaching patriotism sufficiently, but one thing is not as subjective. Considering the ANTI-American and ANTI-patriotic sentiment that is currently being taught to our kids, it should be easy to isolate the worst offenders. If they don’t want to teach the principles listed and only want to focus on educating our children, I’m okay with that. Parents should be the ones teaching principles. But if they want to teach kids to hate America, change genders, or make everything about race, I’m not okay with that at all.

Am I calling for teachers to be arrested? Maybe. In the past I might have called the law an overreach that went against a teacher’s perceived role as educator of such things as math, reading, and history. But in today’s post-truth society, the limits of leftism have been put to the test so it may not be a bad idea to enforce this law to put an end to the indoctrination that’s currently happening.

Call me radical, but we’re facing leftist radicals so sometimes it behooves us to get aggressive. The law’s already on the books. It’s long past time to get our education system fixed, as I discussed in the latest episode of America First Report. You can watch it on BitChute.