How To Enroll in the #1 Campaign Training Masterclass Directly From Your Home

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How many times have you looked at a race for the school board or county council or state representative and thought, “Is this the best we can do?”

As the news shows us every day, winning elections is essential — for our future and our children.

We want — in fact, we need — the right people to win.

That’s why Randall Thompson built the #1 Campaign Training Masterclass – but it’s not for everyone.

It’s not for people who think elections are unimportant. It’s not for people who don’t care. It’s not for people who won’t do what it takes to win.

Randall Thompson’s Campaign Masterclass is for people who want to win — and for people who want to make sure they do it right.

People are saying about the Campaign Masterclass:

“Oh my heavens what an amazing experience. I watched on TV for so long thinking, ‘is this the best we can do?’ You showed us that we CAN DO BETTER and HOW! I love this. I already have three friends running for School Board and two running for City Council. I’m going to help them all WIN! We can do this!” – Patty

“I binged it like Netflix and I think I’ve watched it three times since then. You make everything so understandable and easy. I don’t think I ever want to run for office but I want to help – and now I know how to help a candidate win. I don’t think most people think this way and it’s too bad. But, I’m referring this class to everyone I know.” – Kristin

“Honestly? I’ve been involved in politics for 25 years and was prepared to be bored to death by this course. Boy was I wrong! Randall clearly shows why many good candidates lose and why some awful candidates win. It has made me really change how I support candidates and especially who I am willing to help.” – Jason

Click here to enroll in Randall Thompson’s #1 Campaign Training Masterclass.

Randall Thompson spent many years and tens of thousands of dollars attending campaign training seminars across the nation – and he decided they were all missing the keys to winning.

“They were all teaching campaign training like it was 1999. They were little more than a weekend of listening to narcissists talk about how great their campaigns were and how accomplished their resumes were – and rarely addressed the true nuts and bolts of what someone will go through when preparing to run for office, during their run for office or how to WIN running for office – and even less time was spent on how volunteers can best help their candidates WIN.”

For the last six years, Randall has been putting on live campaign training workshops in Michigan, Ohio and Florida. He taught dozens of live classes with hundreds of people.

“During the pandemic we started to think, why not scale this out and bring it directly to people at home?  If we can Netflix and chill or binge-watch seasons of Game of Thrones or YellowStone, why can’t we pack a 7 hour campaign training MasterClass for people to watch at home and at their own pace?”

Thompson says that over the years they began to tailor their campaign training seminars to not just those people who want to run for office or people who want to work on campaigns but, most importantly, for volunteers too.

“Go back over 20 years and you can see it happen.  After 9/11 there was a huge influx to the Party.  After Obama was elected and the Tea Party came about there was a huge influx into the Party.  The same thing in 2016 to now with Trump.  The problem is, everyone comes in with all this passion and zeal to get involved and they never get trained.  So, we see the same mistakes being made over and over again on the campaign trail. And, a lot of good candidates lose because of it.”

Thompson points out the glaring disconnect in society right now as being one of the main components of learning how to campaign.

“I always say when you’re sick – you go to a doctor.  When your car is broke, you go to a mechanic.  But people get involved in politics and think they can just do it.  And when they or their candidate isn’t successful – they’re baffled as to why.  Well, that’s what we teach. It is not just ‘what’ to do but the ‘why’ behind it.  We have to learn to talk to people who aren’t like us.  Normal people.  And, whether we like it or not – people who are passionate about politics are not normal.  Unless you can get to 50 percent plus 1 – and win – and have the chance to govern – what the hell are we doing this for?”

Randall Thompson’s Campaign Masterclass features in-depth explanations and instruction for those who think they might want to run for office someday, those who want to work on campaigns (like a campaign manager) and those who simply want to volunteer for a candidate and help them win.

If you’re serious about helping the right candidates win, you need the #1 Campaign Training Masterclass.

“We cover everything from how to communicate with voters, how to build a campaign plan, how build a campaign schedule, campaign strategies, best practices when it comes to tactics during the campaign, how to use social media effectively, where to get lists, how to know how much money you have to raise – everything.  We even go over how to plan your Victory Party and what to do on Election night.”

Click here to enroll in Randall Thompson’s #1 Campaign Training Masterclass.

What’s in the #1 Campaign Training Masterclass?

Campaign Strategy

– What to do before you think about running for office?
– Steps to prepare for becoming a candidate
– How To Communicate with Voters
– How to build a Campaign Plan
– How to build a Campaign Schedule
– How to build a Campaign Message
– Identifying How To Win
– How to announce a run for office
– How to learn the issues like an EXPERT
– How to create a campaign budget
– How to position your campaign in the race
– How to PIVOT in crisis communications
– How to create and magnify your brand

Campaign Tactics

– How to do Door To Door
– How to deal with someone who disagrees with you
– How to Use Your Website and Social Media
– How to best use others’ strengths in campaigning
– How to use email and advertising
– How to use phones and phone calls
– How to create and use commercials
– How to create and use events
– How to create and use campaign finance
– How to fundraise effectively
– How to handle debates
– How to build a Get-Out-The-Vote program
– What to do on Election day & night?

Click here to get the #1 Campaign Training MasterClass today — and do what it takes to help the right candidates win.