How “Close” Are Paul Pelosi and “Friend” David Depape?

This is a story I didn’t want to have to write, but since nobody else so far is asking the question, I will. How close were Paul Pelosi and his attacker, David Depape? Police dispatch audio appears to indicate a contradiction from Pelosi. First, he said he didn’t know the guy. Then, he said the guy’s name was “David” and he’s a “friend.”

Here’s that audio:

A man in his underwear is able to get into the Speaker of the House’s home at 2am. Pelosi seems to know the guy. Pelosi may or may not have been in his underwear as well, which isn’t so odd at 2am in one’s own home. But the fact that his assailant was in his underwear is odd enough for Raheem Kassam from The National Pulse to make an observation:

This is all sorts of odd, as a couple of Twitter conservatives noted:

Then, there’s this…

Robby Starbuck had questions…

On the opening segment of the latest episode of my show, I reluctantly dove into all of this. It’s not my style; I prefer talking about things that are consequential rather than gossipy. But as I said, nobody else in media on Friday night was asking the uncomfortable question, so I had to do it. Here’s the video: