Steny Hoyer

Democrat House Majority Leader, 82, Declares We Are at War With Russia

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer is senile, irresponsible, or a combination of the two. He said today on the House floor that we’re currently at war with Russia while defending Joe Biden. Apparently, nobody else got that memo.

“I know there’s a lot of politics here, but we’re at war,” he said.

As Glenn Greenwald noted:

“If there’s a bigger story than the 82-year-old senior House Democrat, now in his 20th term in Congress, today announcing that the US is at war with Russia, I’d like to know what it is?”

He’s not the only one positioning the United States to enter the Ukraine-Russia regional conflict. On Jen “Circle Back” Psaki’s last day as White House Press Secretary, she had some thoughts on Russia as well.

“The American people also deserve a lot of gratitude for their sacrifices in their support of this war,” she said.

Democrats and warmonger RINOs like Dan Crenshaw are pushing us towards war with Russia. The Military Industrial Complex approves. The women who can’t find baby formula have different priorities.