Jazmine Hughes

Homosexual NY Times Editor Quits Because Supporting Hamas Is More Important Than Her Job

Jazmine Hughes, a former writer for the New York Times Magazine, has resigned from her position after signing a letter that accuses Israel of genocide against Palestinians. The news of her departure was revealed in an internal email obtained by the New York Post.

New York Times Magazine Editor Jake Silverstein addressed Hughes’ resignation, stating, “While I respect that she has strong convictions, this was a clear violation of The Times’s policy on public protest. This policy, which I fully support, is an important part of our commitment to independence.” Silverstein further explained that the decision for Hughes to resign came after a discussion about the incompatibility of her public stance and participation in protests with her role as a journalist at The Times.

The letter that Hughes signed, titled “Writers Against the War on Gaza,” accuses Israel of attempting to conduct genocide against the Palestinian people. The letter highlights the high number of Palestinian casualties, including children, as well as the deprivation of basic human rights endured by Gaza’s 2 million residents. It specifically criticizes the New York Times for an editorial where it stated that Israel is fighting to defend a society that values human life and the rule of law.

The letter also takes issue with “establishment media outlets” referring to the terrorist attack by Hamas on October 7 as “unprovoked.” It urges a rejection of narratives that justify Western complicity in ethnic cleansing and expresses solidarity with the people of Palestine in their struggle for freedom and self-determination against occupation.

In addition to Hughes, Jamie Lauren Keiles, another contributing writer to the New York Times Magazine, also signed the letter and announced her departure from the publication. Keiles clarified that her resignation was a personal decision to ensure the freedom of her work, stating, “Having a formal institutional affiliation was starting to become a liability to my work… I stand by my choice to sign the letter and pray for a free Palestine soon.”

Article generated from corporate media reports.