Hmm: UNC Murderer Studied Nanopartical Synthesis and Received His Degree From Wuhan University

It’s a best practice to question everything, especially the official narrative crafted by the powers-that-be. This is why University of North Carolina murder suspect Tailei Qi’s history makes us wonder if this is more than just an angry student experiencing a mental health crisis and lashing out violently.

As Andy Ngo noted on Twitter, Tailei Qi’s history is noteworthy. He is a graduate student at the department of applied physical sciences. He works on the optically trapped nanoparticle arrays and is studying nanopartical synthesis. Oh, and he got his bachelor’s degree at Wuhan University.

Corporate media took their anti-gun bias to the extreme while the crime was taking place, labeling Tailei Qi as “mostly white Asian male,” whatever that means. But considering he has his pronouns in his bios and is full-blooded Chinese by descent, it’s unlikely this story will continue to carry much weight beyond Tuesday. It just doesn’t match their preferred narrative.

Here’s a screenshot from his LinkedIn kept for posterity before they delete it:

Tailei Qi

We know he was working and studying in China until at least 2019. What was he doing during the gap before he surfaced as a graduate student in January, 2022? Is this another psyop worth exploring or is it all just a coincidence?

Chances are, we’ll never know.