Nelly Korda

Hmm: Nelly Korda Returns to Golf But Won’t Say What Caused the “Mysterious” Blood Clots That Sidelined Her

Professional golfer Nelly Korda is back. As we covered previously, Korda was sidelined with blood clots that seemed at the time to likely be one of the many adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines.

We posted in March:

The world’s number two female golfer is sidelined indefinitely with an inexplicable blood clot. Olympic Gold Medal winner Nelly Korda, 23, recently posted about her diagnosis just a week after model Hailey Bieber, 25, was hospitalized for a similar clot. They join a growing list of otherwise young and healthy people who are being diagnosed with complications that are oddly being characterized as “Covid related.”

What they should really be saying is that the conditions these young women and others across the globe are experiencing are Covid “vaccine” related. That’s why so many young people, whether they’ve had Covid-19 or not, are falling to strange ailments, according to many suppressed doctors and scientists. Yet our government and corporate media fail to even consider that as a possibility. Or, to be more accurate, they willfully deny what most of them know to be the most obvious root cause.

After getting surgery last month and going through rehab, she returned. At her press conference, she was asked if the doctors knew what caused the clots. She said they did, but she was not willing to reveal the cause.

Golf Week reported:

A Tuesday morning press conference at the 77th U.S. Women’s Open at Pine Needles Lodge and Golf Club in Southern Pines, North Carolina, marked her first time in front of the media since the health scare occurred.

“Obviously I did a lot, a lot of rehab,” she said, “went actually out to California for a month, did rehab there, worked with my coach Jamie Mulligan. Wanted him to be there for when I first started hitting balls.”

When asked if doctors had given her any indication on the cause of the blood clot, Korda said yes, but that she’d like to keep that information private.

Hmm. When a professional athlete has a health issue, they generally reveal more information than the average person about their medical condition. It isn’t common for athletes to cite privacy issues regarding the cause of an ailment unless the cause is either an embarrassment or news in and of itself. It seems highly doubtful that anything embarrassing could have caused the clots, so the most viable explanation is that she doesn’t want to stir up controversy over her condition.

Yes, it seems very likely she was told it was the jabs. If it wasn’t, she would likely have said the cause wasn’t Covid- or vaccine-related just to stifle any theories about that.

I don’t blame her for not wanting to divulge it was the vaccines if that was the case. She would be thrown into a very undesirable spotlight if she admitted it. Every “fringe” news outlet would be posting stories about her as the poster child for why nobody who is young and healthy should get the Covid injections. Anti-vaxxers would be hounding her. Corporate media would likely try to paint her as an anti-vaxxer herself and try to “debunk” her claims.

Her doctors and advisors almost certainly told her not to mention the cause of the ailment, if it was indeed the jabs. She’s 23-years-old and at the prime of her professional sports career. Why get unwanted attention for something “fringe” like vaccine adverse reactions?

On the latest episode of End Medical Tyranny, I explained why I believe it’s fairly certain her blood clots were caused by either Covid, the jabs, or both.