Biden Has No Idea

Hilariously Accurate: Joe Biden Delivers the Right Answer When Asked Why People Don’t Trust His “Cognitive Fitness”

Joe Biden has no clue, and that’s the point. His staff knows it. The press knows it. Even the people know it. That’s why nearly half of Americans do not have faith that he actually knows what he’s doing or that he’s capable of sustaining a thought beyond which ice cream they’re serving him after lunch.

Newsmax White House correspondent James Rosen asked Biden the uncomfortable quest, which he quickly tried to ignore. But Rosen pressed.

“Well, so the question I have for you sir, if you’ll let me finish, is why do you suppose such large segments of the American electorate have come to harbor such profound concerns about your cognitive fitness?” he asked.

Biden’s reply was as accurate and honest as he is capable of delivering. “I have no idea,” he said before moving onto the next question.

He really does have no idea, and that’s one of the signs of dementia. Those with failing mental acuity are often incapable of even realizing their brains aren’t working properly. They might acknowledge they’re a little slower than before, but rarely do they understand that their not fully aware of the circumstances surrounding them.

Here’s the video:

Joe Biden tried to grin his way through the question, but one has to wonder if beneath the practiced veneer he is actually terrified that the people are starting to catch onto the fact that he’s mentally unfit to be president.