Mark Hamill

Hideous Hollywood Has-Been Mark Hamill Gets Blistered by Ben Shapiro Over Tasteless Anti-Life Meme

Imagine being so completely engulfed by hatred towards women and pre-born babies that you’d post memes encouraging abortion over adoption. That’s what Star Wars icon Mark Hamill decided to do in order to virtue-signal to his anti-life fans.

Hamill posted a meme featuring The Joker, a character he has voice-acted for years. Harley Quinn is also in the meme, which Hamill captioned as “We Will Adopt Your Baby.”

The poor attempt to boost his fading relevance in Hollywood while literally vilifying the act of adopting a baby is low, even for a woke actor. While the vast majority of leftists embrace baby-murder, most of them accept adoption as an alternative as long as the birth-mother is not “forced” to have the child. If they choose to have it and then put it up for adoption, that is generally acceptable, even to leftists. But such practices aren’t woke enough for disgusting people like Hamill, so any action that could save a baby’s life is anathema and worthy of degrading memes.

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro from the Daily Wire called him out for it.

Mocking those offering to adopt children rather than celebrating their killing. This is what you have become.

Hollywood radicals like Mark Hamill cannot grasp why sensible average Americans don’t embrace their anti-life views, especially towards adoption. More sacrifices to Moloch makes more sense to him than letting a child live.