Hey Politicians! What About J6 Political Prisoners? 

Hey Politicians! What about J6 political prisoners?

One elephant in the room for the 2024 primary election is the January 6 political prisoners, and most candidates are not even mentioning them on the stump. I’m talking about them regularly. I have a whole tab (brookefornc.com) on my website devoted to the stolen election and the J6 debacle.

Right now in America, there are more political prisoners than Putin holds in Russia. We have our own American Gulag-held men and women who’ve been denied due process and their Fourth Amendment rights. They were pressured to accept plea bargains when threatened with 20+ year sentences, and now these political prisoners are languishing with nary a thought by most “politicians.”

How despicable is it to call yourself an American and allow this to continue?!

I’m running for Congress. I’m not a politician, I’m a Patriot who’s been endorsed by not one but two J6 political prisoners thus far because they know I will fight for them. They know the battle we find ourselves in right now in this country as they themselves have faced the beast and stood strong through the turmoil.  Their families suffer, as do they, as time wains on, and they sit in jail and rot.

Federal agencies across the spectrum have been captured by a weaponized party hellbent on destroying the American way of life. This is exemplified by the J6ers alone.  My opponents have avoided this topic because it doesn’t poll well. I do not determine my talking points by the shift of the wind. I determine my talking points by my heart For America. This is why you hear me speaking of the Covid hospital protocol murders, my recent trip to The Border, and the January 6 political prisoners regularly. I’m the only one in my race addressing these major glaring issues.

Here is my most recent endorsement from a J6 Patriot political prisoner:

My endorsement of the McGowan campaign is in the mail and has been for some time, but I saw early voting has already started (in North Carolina) so I am sending it now by email. I don’t know how long they are going to keep holding my mail from going out but it appears they have been withholding all my outgoing mail for about two months. Anyway, I don’t remember exactly what I said in the original but this is an approximation:

“Political courage is the most important trait of anyone running for office in America now. Unfortunately, it is also the rarest trait. The good news is we can tell who has it very easily now. The consequences for pushing back against our national decay are quickly evident to those who dare: media defamation, Big Tech censorship, and of course pushback from so-called “Republicans.” Brooke McGowan is no stranger to any of these things, and yet she still has the courage to be the first Republican in America to ask for the endorsement of a January 6th political prisoner.

So I proudly endorse Brooke for NC-10. Now is not the time to acquiesce to a corrupt establishment – and trust me, I know what time means as I write this in my cell. Brooke won’t let us down.

MCGOWAN 2024!”

–Nick Ochs, former Trump Hawaii Campaign Vice-Chair, current Butner Prison, NC inmate.


Nick has been suffering for a couple of years now and recently was met with abuse and solitary confinement, yet still managed to send out his endorsement (twice!) for me. I am forever grateful for Nick. For his courage and determination through the hardest of times. For his valiant service in the United States Marine Corps. For his family’s current sacrifice while they eagerly await his release.

It sickens me and other patriotic Americans to see what’s become of our once great country.

When elected, I will band with the other congressmen who are pushing back against the tide of media, tyranny, and federal abuse to DEFUND the American Gulag and send these patriots home. This will be my goal from DAY ONE. And if there are no others, and I have to stand alone in this matter, so be it. I will use every power I have to help these patriots. God help me. God help all of us.

And to you other “politicians”: Stop turning a blind eye to this evil in our homeland. Those of you who ignore them, are now complicit.

Brooke McGowan

Candidate for Congress, NC-10