Here's Why 'Clean Bill of Health' Was Laughably Trending Before Twitter Cut It Off

Here’s Why ‘Clean Bill of Health’ Was Laughably Trending Before Twitter Cut It Off

Clearly, Big Tech can’t take a joke.

If there’s one thing the fascists at Twitter never want, it’s for Pandemic Panic Theater to be exposed for what it is. They amplify mainstream media reports telling us all to be terrified and get vaxxed while suppressing the truth. The latest example of suppression wasn’t even an anti-vaxx message. It was based on a Tweet that labeled a particular Covid patient as having a “clean bill of health.”

The Tweet, which has since been removed by Wales Online after it became the butt of thousands of jokes, claimed a very obese man, who happened to be “fully vaccinated,” was perfectly healthy before the dreaded Covid-19 came along and made him extremely sick.

Clean Bill of Health (1)

The incessant need to propagandize and gaslight us over Covid-19 has turned more and more ludicrous in recent months. At least Wales Online had the awareness to change their headline on Twitter even if it’s still the same on the article itself.