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Here’s the Video of Jenna Ellis Interviewing Kari Lake that YouTube Banned

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has grown accustomed to controversy. No matter where she goes on the corporate media interview circuit, leftist journalists invariably try to catch her in a misstep or a “gotcha” moment. It’s getting to the point that one would think they’d have learned their lesson by now, but they haven’t.

Conservative media loves her. I had the pleasure of interviewing her myself. So did Jenna Ellis, and as the former attorney for President Trump quickly learned, YouTube doesn’t like it when strong women speak the truth about the massive, widespread voter fraud that occurred during the 2020 election.

“BREAKING: YouTube has removed an episode of http://TheJennaEllisShow.com because @KariLake and I had the audacity to discuss election integrity. Asking questions and having opinions is NOT ‘misinformation.'”

They took the interview down. Thankfully, freer speech alternative Rumble has it for everyone to see:

I chatted with Ellis about the censorship, and as expected she will not be silenced.

“I will never back down from speaking truth and asking the right questions,” she said. “The relentless efforts by YouTube and leftist-run platforms to remove any discussion and debate over the 2020 election are anti-American.”

This is so true. Even if you don’t believe the election was stolen, it’s impossible to sensibly argue that there wasn’t massive, widespread voter fraud that occurred. A single viewing of 2000 Mules tells us that, and many of us who have read the affidavits and watched previous video examples of voter fraud were already convinced.

But Ellis wasn’t just upset with Google and YouTube. She turned to the Biden regime for advancing and perpetuating this unhinged desire to subvert free speech and label any ideas that run contrary to their prescribed narrative as either “misinformation” or “disinformation.”

“We the people are over being told what is ‘misinformation’ by the Regime,” she continued. “It’s time for every American to say enough is enough to the evildoers who seek to censor the truth.”

The 2020 election was stolen, in my humble opinion. If you believe that, you’re not welcome on YouTube. Why? Because the 2020 election was stolen and Google was almost certainly involved. For the sake of not getting into legal trouble, I won’t outright accuse Google of being involved with the theft, but it’s crystal clear they were and continue to be directly involved with censoring any information, whether fact or opinion, that points to the likelihood the 2020 presidential election was rigged.

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