Andrew Tate

Here’s the REAL Reason Andrew Tate Was Banned

LGBTQIA+ supremacy is real in Big Tech, corporate media, and government bodies across western society. They truly want full-blown domination. But LGBTQIA+ supremacy is also a catch-all to attack conservatives, populists, and liberty-loving citizens who get out of line. Such a person is commentator Andrew Tate who has been vilified for speaking the truth.

They didn’t really care that he called out groomers. That was just the excuse to get rid of him. What they really don’t want people to hear is stuff like this:

Every word is correct.

They are using “safety” against us and have been since Donald Trump was elected.

The biggest challenge facing the world today is not among the various problems that keep popping up. It’s not Covid, Monkeypox, or Polio. It’s not the border crisis, our failing economy, the war in Ukraine, or supply chain issues. It’s definitely not global warming. The biggest problem facing the world today is the crackdown on dissenting voices like Andrew Tate who are willing to speak the truth.

The powers-that-be are terrified of the truth. If enough people become aware, they cannot be controlled.

ALL of our massive problems can be solved with the truth. If more people were aware of the truth about the jabs, far fewer would have ever let themselves get injected. If more people were aware of the tremendous problems caused by our open southern border, they would scream for the Biden-Harris regime to do something about it. If more people were aware of how an economic collapse of western capitalism is being manufactured for the sake of ushering in The Great Reset, the voices and protests would rise up and demand an immediate reversal.

The reason you’re not allowed to talk about the stolen 2020 election is because it was stolen, not because it’s “fake news.” The reason you’re not allowed to say the Covid “vaccines” are neither safe nor effective is because they’re neither safe nor effective, so they label such notions as “misinformation” to prevent the masses from being concerned.

The power-that-be are terrified by the truth because it annihilates their plans and exposes their machinations for the existential threat they pose to humanity. They want everyone in the dark. This is why Andrew Tate was banned.

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