Chicago Crime

Here’s the Graphic the #DefundThePolice Crowd Doesn’t Want You to See

If you listen to the average #DefundPolice advocate, Antifa thug, BLM provocateur, or general leftist, they will tell you that our local and state law enforcement departments are loaded with racist white men who prowl the streets looking for black men to kill.

They’ll ignore violence committed by citizens against other citizens because that’s just not an issue to them. If they admit there’s a real violent crime problem, then they’ll have to acknowledge that armed and trained law enforcement is the solution instead of the unarmed social justice officers they want to replace cops.

Conservative commentator Robby Starbuck shared a graphic the #DefundPolice crowd doesn’t want you to see:

Why have we spent far more time talking about police involved shootings instead of gangs? The disproportionate focus is insane. Politicians never talk about a plan to eradicate gangs when clearly they need to. The media assists them in avoiding this very needed conversation. Why?

Call me crazy but if I’d be insane enough to live in Chicago, I wouldn’t be worried about cops. I’d be worried about a lack of cops.

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