Here’s 91 Seconds of Benedict Biden Forgetting Names

Admit it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican or a Democrat. If you were told to interview this guy for a position as shift manager at Taco Bell, you would pass. You’d fear he’d forget to put the nacho cheese sauce on the Toasted Cheddar Chalupa.

Unfortunately, the man in the video below isn’t dealing with nacho cheese sauce. He has access to the Nuclear Football. He talks to world leaders, many of whom can either help or harm us depending on what they think of the Commander-in-Chief at the time. He makes decisions about whether we’re going to recover economically or fall into a massive recession.

Here he is, forgetting the names of people he allegedly works with regularly:

Lord help us.

The RNC put this video out to highlight “O’Biden’s” foibles, but in reality this is terrifying. It’s not just that the man who sometimes sits in the Oval Office can’t remember the difference between his wife and his sister. It’s that the person who’s right behind him, Kamala Harris, is arguably the least competent Vice President in modern history. As bad as Biden is, she might actually be worse because she lacks the experience, intellect, and talent necessary to be the leader of the free world.

She cannot handle the very basic tasks she’s given by the Biden regime. How is she supposed to be the boss? She cannot be.

Americans must pray that we can survive as a nation for as long as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are in the White House. The sooner they can be righteously removed, the better. We may not make it to 2024, which is why it’s still important to continue exposing the massive, widespread voter fraud that stole the 2020 election even if we think the chances of correcting it are thin.