Here Is the Video by Dr. Peter McCullough That Is Changing Minds About the 'Vaccines'

Here Is the Video by Dr. Peter McCullough That Is Changing Minds About the ‘Vaccines’

In our struggle to expose the regime and its proxies for aggressively promoting the Covid-19 shots despite real science telling us to avoid them like the plague, I often get concerned that we’re just not breaking through. Oftentimes, it feels like the unambiguous risks, total lack of efficacy, and various conspiracies surrounding the “vaccines” get dismissed completely by everyone other than those who already believe they are dangerous.

Yesterday, I received some amazing anecdotal news. A friend who has been partially in favor of the vaccines told me he had changed his mind, and he attributed Dr. Peter McCullough’s video below as the reason. He represented what I believe to be a plurality of Americans: In favor of getting vaccinated but not in favor of forcing vaccines on everyone. Perhaps I’m wrong with that assessment; it often seems like everyone’s either against the vaccines or a total vaxx-nanny.

He also represents an important group to get on our side: The very educated. My friend is a retired doctor. His perspective had been that the vaccines were worth the risk for the vulnerable but young, healthy people shouldn’t take them.

I mentioned this friend and the video he sent me to a national radio host I spoke with today. He knew exactly which video I was referencing because he had a similar experience with his listeners claiming that it’s what brought them around. Is this video by Dr. McCullough the silver bullet for enlightenment that we’ve sought?

Here’s the video. It’s long, so if you need to set aside time this weekend to watch and share it, please do. It’s better than spending time on whatever’s on Netflix right now.

Arm yourselves with the truth. There are so many lies being spread right now that it’s challenging to know who and what to believe. But we have to keep fighting against this existential threat to the nation and the world.