Boats Burning

Here Are a Couple of Things That Make You Go “Hmmm” About the Maui Fires

Conspiracy theories have been popping up since the massive fires engulfed parts of Maui last week. Everything from climate change cultists to directed-energy weapons have been blamed for the devastating blaze.

Entrepreneur and conspiracy theorist Steve Kirsch posted a response to a video that has been making it’s rounds for a couple of days.

Check this out. Wildfires never burn in a perfect ellipse like this. AFAIK, that is IMPOSSIBLE. This fire was deliberately set. Why aren’t people talking about this? The official narrative makes absolutely no sense. Please watch this video.

Boats were in the water but still burned. Trees between buildings that had been leveled remain green and thriving. Strange shapes of the fiery burns are inexplicable. It’s not crazy to be skeptical of the official narrative. In situations like this that are so suspicious and unprecedented, we should question it. In fact, we should question everything.

Twitter user Eric Spracklen posted a video that showed the aftermath. The oddities were numerous and easy to spot, such as trees still being green between two buildings that had burned to the ground. Watch:

There’s a lot of research to do here. I’ve heard that the fire was an act committed by China, BlackRock, aliens, the Biden-Harris regime, and climate change cultists. I’ve even heard a somewhat compelling rumor that North Korea was involved. Until I can get enough information to point a finger with at least a 50% chance of being right, I won’t be pointing fingers.

Whether one believes any of the theories or not, everyone should admit that we don’t know for sure what caused the fires and allowed them to devastate the island unabated. None of it makes sense. Something strange seems to be afoot.

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