Heavily Publicized and “Woke Buzzed” Homosexual Comedy “Bros” Bombs Miserably on Opening Weekend

Judging by the hype, it’s clear Hollywood expected “Bros” to be the breakthrough movie of a burgeoning genre: Homosexual comedy. With a heavy marketing budget and as much “woke buzz” as Tinseltown elites could generate, this was the movie to launch a new era of diversity, inclusivity, and equity in movie theaters around the nation and across the globe.

It bombed. It’s not projected to hit $5 million for the weekend, which would put it at an abysmal 4th despite being the widest new release. Ironically, it came in behind #3 “The Woman King,” which is in its third weekend.

According to Showbiz411:

“Bros” comes from Universal, which will also release a second film in this genre through its Focus Features soon called “Spoiler Alert.” Once that’s over, this genre may be severely curtailed. What a disappointment for Billy Eichner and Judd Apatow, but this is an example of Hollywood being insulated from reality even when it has the best of intentions.

Hollywood wants the LGBTQIA+ agenda to have as widespread appeal as possible. It doesn’t. If anything, it’s being shoved in our faces far too much. Apparently, even the woke are getting bored with it.