Hamas Hostages

Hamas Set to Accept Hostage Deal on Saturday: Report

(Discern Media)—Multiple news outlets are reporting that Hamas has accepted a hostage release in exchange for a temporary cease-fire by Israel.

Saudi Al-Sharq outlet reported Hamas is about to announce in the coming hours that it is accepting the ceasefire and hostage deal. The report cited an intensive eleventh hour talks between Egypt and Qatar and the delegations of Israel and Hamas concerning prisoners to be released in the deal. Hamas said it obtained a guarantee from the U.S. of a ceasefire and full Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, in the third phase of the deal, and a promise that the IDF will halt fighting after the release of the hostages.

Israeli Ministers deny reports that this will bring an end to the war or that the planned invasion of Rafah will be cancelled. Meanwhile, strikes continue in Gaza.

This is a developing story and will be updated when more information is known.