Hail Mary and Lateral at End of State Championship Is Why High School Football Still Rules

Many Americans have gone sour toward the National Football League in recent years. From Colin Kapernick starting the anti-American “take a knee” trend to criminals dominating the professional sport to vaccine mandates vilifying conscientious players, many of us have turned the NFL off.

As a former rabid fan of the game, I have to get my fix for football from college and high school games. While the skill level is far lower, the excitement can often match. This is why the play below has me breaking from my normal regimen of politics-culture-faith articles to highlight this short little miracle. Watch:

According to Fox News:

The Minnesota high school Class 3A football championship came down to the wire Saturday and ended with an incredible Hail Mary pass and lateral for the win.

New London-Spicer was down 26-21 against Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton with 4 seconds remaining in the game. New London-Spicer quarterback Blake Schultz needed a miracle from their opponent’s 48-yard line.

Schultz wasn’t under any pressure when he cocked back and fired the football 34 yards to Grant Paffrath, who was met by defenders from Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton. Paffrath somehow found Brycen Christensen in front of him and lateraled the ball to him.

Christensen ran the ball and beat one defender to pick up the touchdown and give New London-Spicer the win.

This is why high school football is still the best football around.