Hags at “The View” Stunned That Ted Cruz Had Answers to America’s Questions

Senator Ted Cruz has always been a stellar orator and can answer questions with the best of them. He’s quick on his feet, but sometimes even he stumbles when going into unfriendly waters. The waters for Republicans don’t get any unfriendlier than facing off against the hags at “The View.”

Cruz was prepared for the attacks and was able to make a strong case for voting Republican in two weeks despite the panel of enemy combatants trying to trip him up. Watch:

Defining the Republican agenda in three words was short enough to prevent the hosts from interrupting. They still tried. But defining the agenda as “Jobs, Freedom, and Security” checks off the boxes that many Americans have right now.

Despite protestations by the Biden-Harris regime that the economy is “strong as hell,” Americans know it isn’t. And while Pandemic Panic Theater is in a pre-election lull, we can expect the radical leftist authoritarians in government to try to ramp it back up. This is why freedom is such an important topic still. As for security, one needs only see what the disastrous border policies promoted by the Democrats are doing to America and the case to vote Republican becomes evident.

Kudos to Ted Cruz for going into enemy media territory. More kudos for representing his party and his nation well. And most of all, kudos for keeping his cool in the face of unhinged rants and illogical assertions from the hosts.