Newsom AB2098

Gruesome Newsom Signs Bill Forcing Doctors to Push Jabs or Be Excommunicated From Medicine

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed several bills into law Friday. All of them were radical leftist monstrosities advancing his totalitarian control over the state. They ranged in severity from the petty to the monstrous, showing he can promote evil at every level. But one can argue none of them will affect more citizens and likely kill more Californians than AB2098.

According to the San Diego Tribune:

The bill, AB2098, introduced by Democratic Assembly Member Evan Low, declares that a physician or surgeon commits professional misconduct if they disseminate “misinformation or disinformation” about the nature and risks of COVID-19, its prevention and treatment and the development, safety and effectiveness of vaccines.

A doctor who commits such conduct could face discipline by the state medical board or osteopathic medical board and in severe cases, could potentially lose their license to practice in California.

The wording of the law makes it sound far more quaint than it is. Doctors “could” be disciplined if they’re not completely aligned with the objective of injecting every man, woman, and child as many times as possible with experimental drugs that have shown dramatic and oftentimes deadly adverse reactions. Even though they leave room open for interpretation by not definitively declaring doctors will be disciplined, let’s face reality. NO doctor who cares more about keeping their careers than serving their patients will risk it.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of doctors still practicing in California fall under this category.

To recap the current state of vaccine-affairs in America, the powers-that-be have accomplished three goals. First, they’ve taken away informed consent through lies, gaslighting, propaganda, and the worst mass censorship campaign this nation has ever seen. Then, they used threats to compel tens of millions of Americans to get jabbed even if they were well informed and thereby didn’t want to get injected. Third, they turned citizens against citizens by declaring the unvaccinated as essentially unclean and unworthy.

It’s not enough that the powers-that-be have done all this. Now, California has taken it up a notch by quashing medical professionals who want to tell the truth. Doctors will now have to choose between following the science or following the government’s edicts. In the case of Covid-19 vaccines, these choices are mutually exclusive.

As California goes, so too do other blue states. We can expect similar laws to be passed by many more states in the near future.

Bit by bit, the globalist elites like Gavin Newsom are chopping down our rights, freedoms, and protections. They are making people ignore science, denounce reason, and remain silent about the evil around us.

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