Gavin Newsom

Gruesome Newsom Plays Intellectual Three-Card Monty With Omicron, Face Diapers, and “Vaccines”

The hardest part with being a lying, agenda-driven radical progressive like California Governor Gavin Newsom is keeping up with all of their competing narratives. Newsom and his cronies are doing everything they can to keep Pandemic Panic Theater in full swing, which means they must often use one failing narrative to reinforce the introduction of another failing narrative.

Today’s version of Covid Three-Card Monty has Newsom using Omicron to debunk his old narrative while still saving face. The old narrative was, of course, “get vaxxed!” The introduction of the Omicron scariant into the news cycle has allowed them to ramp up medical tyranny while adding the resurgent face mask wrinkle into the mix. If all of that sounds confusing, we’ll let Newsom deftly explain his illogic:

And just in case anyone thinks this means they’ll pull back on the vaccine push in favor of forcing the people to wear face diapers, guess again. The universal vaccine narrative will continue indefinitely and will actually expand to include new versions of boosters, Omicron-specific jabs, and whatever else they can squeeze into the arms of those who willfully comply with participation in the The Great Reset’s duplicitous experiment.

In other words, the message is now, “Get vaxxed, get boosted, stay home, and wear your face masks any time you’re forced to venture out into this terrifying world.”

I’d say that Gavin Newsom is the worst, but he’s about on par with all the other vaxx-nannies and face-mask-Karens out there. This cult is expanding. It’s relentless. It will only be stopped if more people are willing to stand up and say no.