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Gruesome Newsom Is Big Mad at Benito Biden

There has been turbulence across the Democrat Party ahead of the 2022 midterm elections for many reasons. First and foremost, their prognosis to retain control of the House of Representatives is very bad. A Democrat majority in the Senate isn’t looking as secure as it once did. As for the White House, they’re dealing with embarrassment after embarrassment after embarrassment…

You get the idea.

But the 2024 presidential election is also driving division within the party as few Democrat lawmakers are willing to talk about a second term for Joe Biden. In fact, some are openly acknowledging that there needs to be a change. One person who’s supposed to be a frontrunner among possible Biden-beaters is California’s Marxist governor, Gavin Newsom.

Even if we dismiss the fact that like Biden, Newsom is a White, rich, straight, lifelong politician with every possible characteristic that the woke left supposedly hates, we cannot ignore that his state has been an abysmal failure under his “leadership.” Nevertheless, Democrats love their heroes and Newsom is one of them.

He’s not Biden’s hero, though, and the two appear to be in the early stages of a political cold war. According to Washington Examiner:

After months of prodding Democrats to ratchet up their offensive on the GOP, California Gov. Gavin Newsom is “seething” at President Joe Biden for directing friendly fire his way, according to a report.

Over the Labor Day weekend, Biden endorsed pro-union legislation in California akin to a bill Newsom previously vetoed, effectively throwing not-so-subtle shade at him and quietly pitting the two heavyweight Democrats against each other on a fraught labor issue.

Seeing two rich, White, male lifelong politicians scuffle over who’s the better proponent of Big Labor is a comical throwback to the Democrat Party of old. As someone said in some movie, “Let them fight.”

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