Gruesome Newsom Had 10 of 11 of His Businesses Funded by Billionaire Gordon Getty Straight Out of College

Gruesome Newsom Had 10 of 11 of His Businesses Funded by Billionaire Gordon Getty Straight Out of College

Democrats claim to be the party of the poor. They claim to be the party of diversity with an emphasis on minorities and “victims” of Critical Race Theory. They claim to be the party that promotes the little guy while taking down the big guy. California Democrats are supposed to be all of these things, only doubly “woke.”

This is why it’s comical that they’re so supportive of a straight, cisgendered, rich White guy in the form of embattled California Governor Gavin Newsom. He is nothing like what they claim to represent. There’s the obvious traits Gavin Newsom holds that contradict their claims, such as the fact that he’s the least “intersectional” politician in America. But something many may not know is that his vast fortune started with funding from famed billionaire Gordon Getty, son of the former richest man in the world, oil tycoon J. Paul Getty.

In fact, Getty funded 10 of Newsom’s 11 businesses, including his first venture in 1991. At the ripe old age of 23, Newsom called on family friend Getty to help him launch a company. They even named it after an opera Getty wrote, PlumpJack, as incentive to dedicate the funds to the young, entitled entrepreneur. According to Wikipedia:

Newsom and his investors created the company PlumpJack Associates L.P on May 14, 1991. The group started the PlumpJack Winery in 1992 with the financial help of his family friend Gordon Getty. PlumpJack was the name of an opera written by Getty, who invested in 10 of Newsom’s 11 businesses. Getty told the San Francisco Chronicle that he treated Newsom like a son and invested in his first business venture because of that relationship. According to Getty, later business investments were because of “the success of the first.”

Newsom faces a recall election this month. His top competitor, Larry Elder, didn’t have a family friend billionaire to get him started. He grew up in gang-infested South Central Los Angeles, put himself through college and law school, and began his career as a lawyer. He did this through hard work and intellect instead of having it handed to him by a member of the globalist elites.

Perhaps this is why Newsom has been caught on multiple occasions breaking his own lockdown mandates while the common folks are stuck ordering DoorDash or cooking their own meals. Only elites like Newsom can afford to rent out the French Laundry for a swanky, mask-free dinner. Meanwhile, the rest of us are struggling because the California economy has been obliterated by his policies.

If California Democrats get their way, a rich White guy who’s business funding was handed to him at the age of 23 by a family friend will defeat a Black man who grew up in South Central LA before fighting his way into successful careers as an attorney and radio host.