Gruesome Newsom Got His Booster Shot on Oct. 27 and Hasn’t Been Seen Since

There’s something fishy going on in California. Governor Gavin Newsom loves the camera. He is known to insert himself into every possible appearance, especially when it comes to his beloved climate change agenda. But he missed out on the biggest climate event of the year last week, cancelling at the last minute and missing the rubbing of globalist elite elbows that he desperately craves. His reason: “family obligations.”

That’s understandable. He has a young family and things happen. But there’s reason to be curious about a “family obligation” that has taken the narcissist away from the public eye for nearly two weeks. His last public appearance happened to be his triumphant booster shot photo op. He hasn’t been seen other than on prerecorded videos and Halloween Instagram pics since then.

According to Andrea Widburg at American Thinker:

On October 27, Gavin Newsom, an apparently healthy young man without any known comorbidities, nevertheless sat down in Oakland, California, for a vaccine booster. Since then, no one has seen him in public. Although I would never wish illness on someone just because I disagree with them politically if Newsom did in fact have a bad reaction to the booster, that might affect his tyrannical ukase requiring all children who attend either public or private schools to get a COVID vaccine.

Here’s footage of a cheerful Gavin Newsom getting his vaccine booster and then flexing his muscles to prove that he’s super healthy:

It’s suspicious. I won’t come out and say that Newsom had an adverse reaction since absence is not proof, but what if he did? Would he announce it? Absolutely not. He would hide it faster than Dominion Voting Systems hides their election hard drive data. Under no circumstances would Newsom ever reveal an adverse reaction to the vaccines or boosters because doing so would endanger his goal of jabbing every man, woman, and child in the state of California.

The Daily Mail ran an entire article on the missing governor:

  • Newsom was last seen publicly getting a COVID booster shot on October 27
  • On October 29, he abruptly canceled plans to attend COP26 in Scotland
  • Spokesperson cited ‘family obligations’ and said he would attend virtually
  • No further details on those ‘obligations’ have been shared
  • Newsom has not yet made a video appearance at the climate summit
  • He has been seen only in a pre-recorded Diwali message and Halloween photo
  • Newsom posed in pirate costume with wife and kids in photo posted on Monday
  • A spokeswoman says Newsom has been working from the Capitol this week

To prove that he’s not sick, he posted a picture of himself and his family on Halloween. Of course, he could be sick and just got up to take the photo. We’ll likely never know for sure.

Newsom Halloween

It’s probably nothing. Then again, you never know with Newsom or any of the vaxx-nannies. They’ll do anything and everything to keep their agenda afloat even if it means hiding important information from the public, which they do constantly.