Gruesome Newsom Claimed His Slave Mask Was Down ‘For a Brief Second’ But Evidence Shows He’s a Bald-Faced Liar

When California Governor Gavin Newsom was inadvertently outed by Magic Johnson as being a slave mask hypocrite, he quickly took to the airwaves to encourage others to not follow his lead. He even had the gall to claim that his mask was only down for a “brief second” to take the photo. This was a lie.

The reality is there is no evidence that he wore his mask at all. Images and videos have been pouring onto social media showing the Democrat flaunting his own Covid-19 rules and keeping his mask off throughout the game. Here are just a couple of examples:

If Newsom were a Republican, corporate media would be breathlessly seeking more video evidence, cataloging every second of available footage demonstrating how big of a liar he is. But Newsom isn’t just a Democrat. He’s a Neo-Marxist and part of the leftist elite in America, making his actions essentially untouchable by the media.

Even when he’s caught red-handed and open-faced, our Mainstream Media Industrial Complex refuses to address Gavin Newsom’s multitudes of hypocritical actions. He’s a protected man and the media will never call him out.