Trans Preschool

GROOMING ALERT: Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Has Created a Guide For “Gender Expansive” PRESCHOOLERS

The LGBTQIA+ supremacy agenda is alive and well in America. In fact, it has been taking over many public offices across the country, of which we get to see examples on a regular basis. The latest to be exposed for their ultra-woke and extremely dangerous agenda is the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

They’re going after preschoolers with pronoun dysfunction. According to Crissy Clark:

As Clark and Henry Rodgers reported at The Daily Caller:

The guide includes a litany of resources for three to five-year-olds, including videos that talk about transgender ideology. One video shows the story of a biological girl whose parents transitioned her to a boy. Another video encouraged parents to allow young boys to dress as Wonder Woman for Halloween.

A video in the resource guide informs children that parents concerned about whether it is appropriate for young children to learn about gender issues in public schools are “trolls.” The video from the Human Rights Campaign paints concerned parents as exclusive.

Parents of gender-confused three-year-olds are encouraged to seek “gender-affirming” treatment. The guide showcases articles from NPR and the New York Times, both of which make the case for affirming a minor’s perceived gender identity.

The guide also encourages parents to read “A Quick & Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns.” The comic-style book dubs anyone who refuses to capitulate to non-binary pronouns as “jerks.”

There’s even a video:

The groomers know now restrictions in their quest to indoctrinate and brainwash children. They will get to them as early and often as possible. It’s imperative for parents to be aware and act accordingly on behalf of their children.