GOP Rep. Byron Donalds Has the Best Response Yet to Democrat Gaslighting About “Republicans” Defunding Police

Democrats have been very busy the past few days, desperately trying to unwind the past year’s history of their defunding police in several Democrat-run American cities. Whether it’s Seattle, Portland, New York City, or Minneapolis, it is a well-documented fact that far-left Marxist infiltration of the party has both pushed for, and implemented defunding of several police departments.

And that has, as expected, led to a massive increase in crime and is a policy that is highly unpopular with American voters of all stripes. Needless to say, Democrats are in full panic mode because the issue is a threat to their political power, which is all they really care about.

This panic has led Democrats to concoct yet another “big lie”. It’s not a race hoax, or the Russia hoax, or the Ukraine hoax, or the impeachment scam this time around. Oh, no, this time, they’re completely turning truth on its head, blaming REPUBLICANS for defunding the police.

No, really!

On Wednesday, Biden Regime propagandist Jen Psaki repeated the gaslighting in an exchange with Fox News reporter Peter Doocy in which Psaki admits she can not name one Republican who has called to defund the police.

Congressman Byron Donalds, in response to Psaki’s original outrageous smear against Republicans, may have had the best comment regarding the ongoing lie:

Saying Republicans are the party of “Defund the Police” is like saying Democrats are the party of “Make America Great Again,” and we all know that’s not the case.

Representative Donalds, who represents Florida’s 19th congressional district, and describes himself as a “liberty-loving, Pro-Trump” Republican, included a graphic history reminder to Psaki that it has been the Democrats, not the Republicans calling to defund the police over the past year:

We all know how Democrats hate the American flag, the National Anthem, and the founding principles of America. We also know how the phrase “Make America Great Again” is like showing a cross to a vampire, so Rep. Donald’s analogy is a strong one.

Many believe that the Democrats’ defunding the police is part of something much more sinister, that they’re not actually against policing, they’re just against local control of policing, that they desire a federal takeover of local police departments in order to implement some sort of federal goon squad, a scenario where they have the power to use thuggery against their political opponents, much in the same way the Biden Regime is currently using federal bureaucracies.