Glenn Youngkin

GOP Donors Run the Republican Party Which Is Why They Keep Losing

Tuesday was supposed to be a rebuke against Joe Biden and the Democrat Party. Many projections in the weeks leading up to the election pointed to major GOP wins. But shortly before the election, the sentiment allegedly shifted. Polls started reversing. The narrative was set for another disappointing Tuesday for Republicans.

And it happened. No matter how anyone tries to spin it, the losses were ugly and untenable.

There’s the voter fraud issue which I will not be talking about today. Yes, I believe massive, widespread voter fraud contributed greatly to some of the losses, but I don’t have the mountains of undeniable evidence necessary to make it stick. We had mountains of evidence in 2020 and it yielded nothing but heartache, so that’s a discussion for another day.

Instead, let’s look at the other side of the GOP’s election failure trend. As independent journalist Emerald Robinson noted shortly after the election results were made public, this comes down to deflecting. The Republican Donor Class is in control of campaigns, yet they blame their losses on the voters they disenfranchise with their leftist strategies…

The GOP belongs to GOP donors. Not to GOP voters. Lots of those donors are liberals. It’s true. That’s why the GOP refused to give Trump enough money to build a wall! So GOP voters don’t show up to vote. The response? The GOP blames GOP voters.

Let’s say for now that voter fraud didn’t play a role on Tuesday. If that’s the case then we can and should attribute all of the blame to the GOP string-pullers who use big money to keep candidates tied down with bad policies and feckless campaigns.

A popular rebuke against the conservative base is that we’re losing elections over abortion. They said this following the failed “Red Tsunami” of 2022 as well. But as I’ve repeated over and over again, abortion “rights” are simply not the biggest issue for the vast majority of voters. People vote for what’s best for them and since most voters aren’t having abortions, it’s logical to assume the economy and crime drive the votes.

Unfortunately, the results didn’t depict this reality, so we’re back to the original premise. First, voter fraud contributed a great deal to the losses. Second, GOP megadonors contributed a great deal to the losses. Yet as we’re seeing in all leftist and most conservative commentaries, neither of the two biggest factors are even being discussed. Instead, they’re busy blaming abortion, Donald Trump, and MAGA for the GOP’s troubles.

Trump didn’t lose these elections. Abortion “rights” didn’t drive people to vote for their own economic and criminal demise. The fingers MUST be pointed at the UniParty Swamp and the GOP donor class for stealing yet another election for Democrats.