Google Ignores Death Threats, Terrorism Against Rand Paul

Google Suppresses News of Death Threats, Terrorism Against Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul was attacked yesterday. He received death threats and a “suspicious package” that is being investigated by the FBI. One would think the various search engines would make this a top story when people searched for “Rand Paul.” It’s big news. Bing and DuckDuckGo did. Google… not so much.

Eventually, Google did list news of the attacks on Senator Paul alongside the ideological attacks by people like Stephen Colbert, but not for at least three hours after Bing and DuckDuckGo were sharing the important news. After all, this is a United States Senator who was the victim of an alleged terrorist attack. Colbert’s opinion should be secondary to that, at least in a sane world.

Here’s Bing:

Here’s DuckDuckGo:

And here’s Google:

Let’s get one thing straight. Google’s search engine is the most “capable” when it comes to delivering the news. By “capable,” I mean it’s able to deliver the fastest and most relevant results�if it is allowed to do so. Their technology is far superior to both Bing’s and DuckDuckGo, so anyone who thinks this was just a lag in reporting is wrong. They have programmed their algorithm to highlight the negative stories they displayed while suppressing anything that could draw positive thoughts or sympathy for conservatives like Rand Paul.

Google’s bias isn’t just the manual actions they take on their various properties, especially on YouTube and their search engines. They’ve trained the algorithms to detect topic and sentiment. It’s actually quite scary how accurately their algorithm � which has been developing for over a decade in its current iteration with tens, perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars put into it � can determine what a story or video is attempting to communicate. But hidden within this algorithm is the bias Google and most of its employees collectively share.

Ever since the 2016 election didn’t go as they predicted, Google and others in Big Tech made the conscious decision to push their narratives and agenda much harder. They always knew they had the power to make changes, but when their preferred presidential candidate lost in 2016, they swore to “do better” for 2020 and beyond. The have embraced the Democrats and their leftist agenda, which means they do what they can to suppress Republicans and conservatives.

The Rand Paul story was not manually suppressed as some have assumed. It was the victim of an algorithm that can’t always tell which positive or negative sentiment to suppress or amplify. Eventually, Google did put the terrorist attack stories on the list, likely based on social signals override the algorithmic bias.

Big Tech in general and Google in particular despise all conservatives and most Republicans. Their systems are designed to amplify progressive messages and suppress conservative ones.