Google and DuckDuckGo Handle Dr. Robert Malone's Claims About _Mass Formation Psychosis_ Very Differently

Google and DuckDuckGo Handle Dr. Robert Malone’s Claims About “Mass Formation Psychosis” Very Differently

It’s no secret to our readers that we aren’t fans of Google or any of their properties. This biggest of the Big Tech Baddies has taken it upon themselves to be the “arbiters of truth” who determine what we’re allowed to see and what is too dangerous for our feeble minds. A perfect example of this is happening right now as many people search for Dr. Robert Malone and “mass formation psychosis.”

The phenomenon has been making its rounds ever since Dr. Malone appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast yesterday and discussed it. Here’s a story from RedState for background:

‘Mass Formation Psychosis’ — It’s Real, and It Was Purposely Caused by Biden and the Democrat Party

“Mass formation psychosis.”

No, it doesn’t refer to a screwed-up flock of geese flying south for the winter.

In a Christmas Day article titled COVID Has Been Overtaken by a Secondary Pandemic—and It’s Real, I discussed Illness Anxiety Disorder, or “health anxiety.” Specifically COVID-related Illness Anxiety Disorder. As defined by Mayo Clinic, Illness Anxiety, in part, is needlessly worrying about becoming seriously ill.

There have been many commentaries about mass formation psychosis that have hit major conservative news outlets today. I even posted one from Dr. Joseph Mercola last month that has had a resurgence in popularity. Several reaction videos have been made as well with many diving deeper than what Dr. Malone could cover on Rogan’s show.

But instead of linking to the video of Dr. Malone, any of the stories that dive into the phenomenon, or even reaction videos that expand on the concept, Google decided to promote some random dude’s minute-and-a-half video “debunking” it when people search them for “mass formation psychosis.”

Even if we discard the indisputable fact that the guy in the video is a mental lightweight while attempting to attack the inventor of the mRNA technology that powers the jabs, we can’t find any algorithmic reason for his video to be ranked at the top, well ahead of actual experts in mass formation psychosis. This is a manual action, a direct hit-job by Google against Dr. Malone and his warnings about the injections.

Meanwhile, the same search on DuckDuckGo lists Dr. Malone’s detailed Substack article about the phenomenon at the top. Well done!

Big Tech and mainstream media are dead-set on defending every penny of Big Pharma’s massive vaccine windfall. That should tell you all you need to know about what really motivates Google to do what they do.